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1862 Annual Report of Scarborough, Maine

Annual Report of the Town of Scarborough, from March 4th, 1861 to March 4th, 1862.

Printed at Portland, Maine, by David Tucker, 1862.

Contains an interesting section on the sums paid to the families of soldiers away in service during the Civil War.

Any names on the pages are listed below each.

F. Milliken, Collector

George W. Parker
F. Milliken
Silas Libby

Harris Berry
Deborah Dyer
John Waterhouse
William Hanscomb
Augusta Lowell
Johnson Libby
Jacob Libby
John Coolbroth family
Misses McLaughlin
Sarah Sweetser
Betsey and Amy Moody
S. Walker and family
"Newcomb child"
Priscilla Burnham
Josiah Smith
Samuel Snow
Simon Harmon
Charles Berry family
Charles Smith
Clarence Fessenden
Mary Ann Libby
Polly Hunnewell
Dr. Sturtevant
Walker, at Higgins place
Augusta Lowell

J. S. Cousens
Edward Libby
James S. Libby

I. F. Bean, Town Clerk
F. Milliken, Town Treasurer
Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers of Poor:
   J. Gunnison
   Richard Leavitt
   George W. Carter

Soldiers Families

In addition to other expenses we have afforded relief to Soldiers' families to the amount of $81.50, as per vote of the town, viz:

Family of Joseph Lothrop, $47.92 (of Buckfield)
         "      Hiram Gustin, $9.50
         "      Alexander Higgins, $18.08
         "      Alvin Hasty, $6.00

Of this amount $47.92 is to be refunded by the Town of Buckfield, the place of residence of the Lothrop family.

Mrs. Abigail Libby
William Bragdon, Portland, son-in-law of Abigail Bragdon

Selectmen of Scarboro'
James Gunnison
Richard Leavitt
George W. Carter

H. G. Storer, Auditor

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