Sunday, July 29, 2012

Photograph of a Young Man named McPheters; Old Town, Maine studio

Cabinet photograph of a young man identified on reverse as Geanie McPheters, though I may have deciphered his first name incorrectly.  The photograph was taken by the Howe studio of 113 Main Street, Old Town, Maine.

I'm hoping that a reader will come forward with information on this young man.

I found a Eugene McPheters, born about 1870, in the 1880 Census of Greenbush, Maine, with parents Stewart and Sarah McPheters and siblings Elizabeth and Gratia, but I don't know if I have the correct person.

If you have information on the young man in the photograph, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  

Old Town, Maine [in case the young man in the photograph is Eugene McPheters, Greenbush is north of Old Town on Route 2.]

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  1. The McPheters went away back in that area. They "ran with" the Pages, Dudleys, and Inmans, marrying back and forth, etc. An early census, I forgot which, asked the residents along the Penobscot where they had come from. Archibald McPhetres said "Bristol" but I don't know if he meant Bristol, Maine, or Bristol which is now in Rhode Island but was then in Mass. There are McPheters today in Rhode Island.

  2. Lots of familiar surnames there. What about Bristol, England? That Census sounds very interesting - if you come across it again, perhaps you could send me the link? It's an interesting drive along Route 2 through Greenbush, especially in spring when the power of the Penobscot is very evident. When researching Greenbush, I came upon the meaning of Olamon, which goes back to the Red Paint people. My parents found a Red Paint plummet years ago, a bit downriver from Olamon.

  3. Hi. It was the 1800 Census. Here is the link to Joseph Page. The McPheters are on the same page.|0|1652393|0|2|3242|22|0|1280|0|0|&cpxt=0&catBucket=rstp&uidh=000&cp=0&pcat=CEN_1800&h=71742&recoff=5+6+17+18&db=1800usfedcenancestry&indiv=1