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Early 1900s Photographs of William E. Peirce, wife Harriet and son Ted; Milford, New Hampshire

Two photographs taken by a Milford, New Hampshire studio, one of the man shown above and the other of a what appear to be a woman/son combination.

Both photographs were taken by a Milford, New Hampshire studio and have identifications on reverse, in faint pencil on a dark background.   In strong sunlight, I could make out the name of the man, William Peirce.  

Once I researched him and learned the names of his wife and son, I could decipher the handwriting on the other photograph as Hattie and Ted Peirce. 

The photograph of William E. Peirce had to have been taken before  28 October 1922, the date of his death.  It's possible that the photograph of Hattie and Ted was taken at the same time, if the two photographs were taken close to 1922, judging from Ted's presumed age, but I feel the photograph was taken a bit later, as, to me, he looks older than fifteen, perhaps because of the glasses.

Hattie remarried in September 1925, so the photograph was taken before then or the person writing the identification used her name from her first marriage.

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections welcome!] 

William E. Peirce was born 2 September 1857 at Manchester, New Hampshire, son of William Lorenzo Peirce and Alice M. (Danielson) Peirce.

His paternal grandparents were Abijah and Lucy (Emery) Pierce.  His maternal grandparents were Charles L. and Alice (Chase) Danielson.

William E. Peirce took over his father's woolen mill upon his death and expanded it successfully.

On 22 December 1906 at Milford, New Hampshire, William E. Peirce married Harriet P. Saunders, daughter of Theodore and Elizabeth (Plummer) Saunders.  She was born about July 1867 in Maine, possibly at Waterford, daughter of Theodore Stone Saunders and Elizabeth (Plummer) Saunders.  

Theodore was killed by logs at Waterford, Maine, in January 1880.   

At some point, his widow Elizabeth moved her family to Milford, New Hampshire, where they were enumerated in the 1900 Census.

William E. and Harriet P. (Saunders) Peirce had a son Theodore S. Peirce, "Ted", born about in the fall of 1907.  It's bittersweet to think that they named their son after Harriet's father.

William E. Peirce died in 1922.  Harriet subsequently married Martin Luther Brown in 1925.  He was the son of John Dalton Brown and Mary Jane (Butterick) Brown.

If you have corrections or additions to the above information, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Milford, New Hampshire

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