Thursday, July 26, 2012

Photograph of Alverdo Romandel Small; Portland, Maine studio

Photograph of a dapper and handsome young man identified on reverse as Verdo Small.   The photograph was taken by the A. S. Davis studio of Middle Street, Portland, Maine.

Thanks to a tip from a Maine genealogy guru, I believe this man to be Alverdo Romandel Small.  Though he was born in Somerset County, he eventually lived at Portland, Maine, where the photograph was taken.

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections welcome]:

Alverdo Romandel Small was born 7 July 1881 at Cambridge, Maine, son of Charles Albert Small and Ella M. (Burdin) Small, both born at Wellington, Maine.

Alverdo's paternal grandparents were Charles Woodward Small and Draxy Drury Ricker (Buzzell) Small.

His maternal grandparents were Benjamin and Roenah Augusta (Herrick) Burdin.

On 19 November 1907 at Portland, Maine, Alverdo married Ethel M. Wilkie. daughter of John F. and Anna Wilkie.  Unfortunately, the reverse of the marriage record did not transfer to the online record, so I'm missing Ethel's parents' birthplaces and her mother's maiden name.  I believe John and Anna were natives of Canada, but some of the Censuses list New Hampshire and Vermont, which is a concern.

By the way, I've never seen a marriage record so mangled in the indexing as this one.

The couple lived at Portland, Maine, and had at least one child, a son Arthur Wilkie Small.  Alverdo worked at a variety of jobs: clerk at a bank and grocery store and manager of an apartment building.

If you have corrections and additions to the above information, or if you feel that the man in the photograph is a different Verdo Small, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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Portland, Maine

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