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1910 Souvenir Book of the National Disabled Volunteer Soldiers Home at Togus, Maine

Eastern Branch, National Home for D. V. S., Maine

Softcover souvenir book, approximately 10-3/4" by 7-3/4", filled with many photographs of the extensive grounds of what started as the Eastern Branch National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers at Togus Springs, Maine.

It's now operated by the Veterans Administration and is known as the Maine VA Health Center. Read more about the history of the National Home for D.V.S. here.


National Soldiers' Home, Maine

The Eastern Branch of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers was established by act of Congress approved March 21st, 1866, on what was then known as the Togus Springs Estate and the first member was admitted October 6th, 1866. It is located five miles to the eastward of the cities of Augusta, Hallowell and Gardiner; has an average membership of 2496 men; covers an area of 1894 acres; and is reached by the Lewiston, Augusta and Waterville Electric Railway from Augusta, and the Kennebec Central Railroad from Gardiner. Cost for land, buildings and permanent improvements, $772,427.45.

Published by

Eastern Branch, National Home D.V.S.
Photographs and Printing by The Hugh C. Leighton Co., Portland, Maine, 1910

Left: Major James W. Wadsworth, President Board of Managers
Right: General Joseph Smith, Local Manager

Officers of the Home

1st Line - Col. John T. Richards, Governor; Maj. A. L. Smith, Treasurer; Maj. B. D. Ridlon, Surgeon
2nd Line - Capt. George A. Mitchell, Quartermaster; Capt. W. J. Gillespie, Commissary of Subsistence; Maj. Linus B. Comins, Adjutant and Inspector; Maj. Henry S. Burrage, Chaplain
3rd Line - Capt. W. S. A. Kimball, 1st Asst. Surgeon; Lieut. B. F. Hayden, 2nd Asst. Surgeon; Lieut. H. W. Sampton, 3rd Asst. Surgeon; Lieut. H. K. Stinson, 4th Asst. Surgeon

Non-Commissioned Staff and Company Commanders

1st Line - Lieut. J. L. Rea, Sergeant Major; Lieut. G. J. Jeffrey, Q.M. Sergeant; Lieut. Charles McCullough, Guard Sergeant;
Lieut. O. F. Glidden, Hospital Steward; Lieut. G. W. Towle, Commissary Sergeant
2nd Line - Capt. Henry Negravel, K Co.; Capt. C. B. Chollar, M Co.; Capt. Daniel McAdams, E Co.; Capt. G. A. L. Snow, B Co.;
Capt. W. S. Oakman, L Co.
3rd Line - Capt. James Hickey, H Co.; Capt. G. W. Belcher, C Co.; Capt. Merrill Moore, I Co.; Capt. G. J. Page, D Co.
4th Line - Capt. W. W. Savage, G Co.; Capt. B. F. Stoddard, N Co.

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