Friday, February 21, 2020

c1930 Newspaper Clippings about Record Number of Living Grandparents: Hartland, Maine, and New Vineyard, Maine

Found in a circa 1930 scrapbook of mostly Dexter, Maine, and Skowhegan, Maine, area items.

Two clippings about children with what was thought to be a record number of living grandparents:

  • a Hartland, Maine, girl with 12 living grandparents - her four grandparents, six great grandparents and two great grandmothers.  Surnames: Holt, Buker, Page, Pooler, Gorden, McKenney
  • New Vineyard, Maine, siblings with 9 living grandparents within a radius of 15 miles - their four grandparents and five great grandparents.  Surnames: Barker, Duley, Baker, Kennedy

With today's longer life expectancy and more stepgrandparents, these figures have no doubt been broken.

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