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1830s Autograph Album of Henry F. Briggs of Lebanon, Connecticut

Autograph album started about February 27, 1832 by Henry F. Briggs of Lebanon, Connecticut, although he wrote it as Lebanon Goshen on the first end paper.

Some of the inscribers were related; surnames include:

? [7]EmmonsSaxton
B ?G ?Standish
Backus [3]H ?T ?
C ?L ?
ConeM ?
CongdonMorgan [2]
Crary [2]

The album measures approximately 8" by 6-1/2" and is not in the best of condition, with separated and warped covers, some pages detached and most pages with warping and/or wrinking; hence blurred areas on some of the scanned images.  Better images would have required taking the album entirely apart.

Henry's name appears in beautiful calligraphy, with a design, on what might be considered the ownership page.

Most of the inscriptions are from Connecticut residents, but a Johnson from New York, whose initials are hard to decipher, designed a fancy page.

If you have information on Henry F. Briggs, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  I found a mention in the Connecticut, Church Record Abstracts, 1630-1920: for Colchester, Connecticut: "Sarah T. & Mrs. Maria Briggs & Henry F. Briggs Dec. 31, 1836, by letter from Goshen". But I don't know if this is the correct Henry.

Some of the inscribers were related; surnames include Backus, Baldwin, Briggs, Clark, Cone, Crary, Emmons, Johnson, Lathrop, Morgan, Saxton, Standish, Walker and Woodworth.

Alphabetical List of Inscribers - some made multiple inscriptions
  • Inscribed by L. ?, on March 22, 1832 at Lebanon Goshen, Connecticut.  Possibly L. Geo. for L. George.
  • Unsigned, inscribed in Latin
  • Inscribed in Latin; "Faith, Hope and Charity; the greatest of these is Charity."
  • 2 page sentiment inscribed by "friend E" at Lebanon on April 16, 1832
  • Unsigned inscription
  • A friend; inscribed a full page sentiment and wrote "A Friend" in Latin
  • Unsigned
  • P. B?, possibly Br...n or r.
  • E. C. Backus.  Possibly Esther Clark Backus (1817-1839), daughter of Jabez Backus and Hannah (Lathrop) Backus.  She married Robert Elder in 1838.
  • Elizabeth M. Backus.  Perhaps Elizabeth Mary Backus (1913-), daughter of Jabez Backus and Hannah (Lathrop) Backus; perhaps the Elizabeth B. who inscribed the following page.
  • S. D. Backus; presumably Sarah Baldwin Backus (1814-), daughter of Jabez Backus and Hannah (Lathrop) Backus. She married Charles Ball in 1841.
  • Luna Baldwin, middle initial perhaps I; possibly Luna Baldwin (1806-1885). She married Nehemiah B. Bunnell (1807-1892)
  • Henry F. Briggs of Lebanon, Connecticut, album owner; started February 27, 1832
  • E. C. of Norwich, Connecticut, or E. C. Norwich
  • Justin Clark; "Inscribed by your friend Justin Clark, Lebanon March 20th 1832". Full page sentiment. Perhaps Justin Clark (1802-1886) He inscribed another page as well.
  • A. G. Cone, inscribed on June 28, 1833
  • 2 page sentiment inscribed by Sarah E. Congdon. Perhaps Sarah Eddy Congdon (1808-1881), who married James Madison Abell (1811-1896) in 1837.
  • Amelia A. Crary, inscribed on March 28, 1834.  Amelia A. Crary (1813-1844) married Appleton Rosseter Park (1808-1850) in 1841.  
  • John W. Crary, inscribed at Lebanon, Connecticut, on July 2, 1834.  Perhaps John Witter Crary (1809-1890); presumably the J. W. Crary who inscribed another page.  
  • M. S. Emmons, inscribed at Haddam, Connecticut, on July 22, 1832.  Perhaps Mary Smith Emmons (1818-), who married Frederick A. Roberts in 1834
  • T. S. G.
  • Inscribed by A. D. H.
  • The first end paper mentions the name Hoxie twice.
  • ? Johnson of New York; perhaps G. W. Johnson; fancy script, calligraphy, flourishes, scrolls, bird like or wing like designs.
  • Inscribed by M. J. L. at Lebanon Goshen, Connecticut, on March 31, 1832
  • Lucy Lathrop; middle initial possibly A or H or ?
  • H. N. M.; inscribed two pages; possibly inscriber H. N. Morgan; see that listing
  • G. E. Morgan; perhaps Griswold Edwin Morgan (1811-1902), who married Eliza Janette Saxton (1812-1892) in 1834.  An. E. J. Saxton inscribed a page in the album. 
  • H. N. Morgan, inscribed at Lebanon, Connecticut, on January 2, 1834.  Perhaps Harriet Newell Morgan, who married George W. Kimball in 1837; presumably the H. N. M. who inscribed two other pages.
  • E. J. Saxton; perhaps Eliza Janette Saxton (1812-1892), who would marry Griswold Edwin Morgan (1811-1902) in 1834.  A G. E. Morgan also inscribed a page in the album. 
  • Abby Standish; several possibilities, including Abby Beebe (Standish) Staples, wife of Elias Wood Staples, and Mary Abby (Morgan) Standish, wife of Nathan Standish
  • Inscribed by E. B. T. at Lebanon Goshen, Connecticut, on March 31, 1832
  • Harriet Walker; inscribed a 2 page sentiment at Norwich, presumably Connecticut, on October 16, 1833
  • Inscribed by H. R Woodworth.  Perhaps Henrietta Richards Woodworth (abt 1813-1852), who married Frederick William Carey (1813-1890) in 1837. She was presumably the H. R. W. who inscribed another page. 
If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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