Tuesday, February 18, 2020

19th Century Photograph Album of Cabinet Cards, CDVs and Tintypes - Some, if not Most, from Maine

Large photograph album with cabinet cards, CDVs and tintypes, with an apparent Maine connection.

The photographs in the album were found loose from their slots. It's possible that some are random photographs stuffed in the album by a previous owner, but hopefully they are as they were when in the original owner's possession.

Studios mentioned:
  • Davis studio of Presque Isle, Maine, and Caribou, Maine
  • F. C. Nealey, presumably the work of Ferdinand Cortez Nealey (1863-1951), who photographed from Belfast, Maine; Brooks, Maine; Winterport, Maine; and, eventually, Houlton, Maine, where he moved after his marriage.  He traveled through the State and possibly into New Brunswick, Canada for his work.
  • Johnson studio of Greenville, Maine, and Brownville, Maine
  • William P. Dean studio of Lincoln, Maine
  • A. C. Lewis studio of Portland, Maine
  • F. Jay Haynes Studio of Fargo, Dakota Territory (North Dakota since 1889)
  • Day studio of Norristown, Pennsylvania
  • Rocher studio of Chicago, Illinois
  • Yennek studio of New York City

It's possible that the photographs are related and cover a family with ties to Aroostook County and Piscataquis County, Maine.  Some family members may have moved south to Portland, Maine, and west, to Pennsylvania, Chicago and Dakota Territory.

Identified people:

Elizabeth J. Kelly, No. 352; on a sheet removed from a book

Mrs. David P. Kelly, No. 148; on a sheet removed from a book

Isabel M. Osgood, CDV

Mattie; inscribed to her grandmother; the Davis studio of Presque Isle and Caribou, Maine

Some of the photographs have a family resemblance.  If you recognize anyone from your family photos or research, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

All of the photographs not shown above: those that appear to be the same person are appear together

 The young lady above may have moved with her family from Piscataquis County, Maine, to Pennsylvania.

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