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Vintage Calling Card of Mrs. C ? Wood, with handwritten name Cora M. Breyer, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Vintage calling card of Mrs. E. R. Wood, possibly of Wisconsin.  On the reverse is the name and address of Cora M. Breyer, 1030 23rd St., Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

At first I had thought the name was Mrs. C. ? Wood, but a reader pointed out a mother/daughter relationship between Mrs. E. R. Wood and Cora M. Breyer.

From online research, hopefully correct:

Cora Mae (Wood) Breyer was born 3 September 1866 in Portland, Dodge County, Wisconsin.  According to a reader, her mother was Euphelia or Euphrata R. (Sanborn) Wood, and her father possibly Ezra or Edward Wood.

On the 1920 Census of Chester, Wisconsin, Cora indicated that her father was born in Vermont and her mother in Canada.  In the 1870 Census of Elba, Wisconsin, I found a Cora of the right age and born in Wisconsin, living with a household headed by Plebe Sahborn, no doubt Phebe Sanborn, who was born in Vermont, and a woman who might be Cora's mother, Euphelia, who was born in Canada.

Cora died 28 July 1949 in Edgerton, Wisconsin.  I've taken her birth and death dates from an obituary found in the Adventist Archives.  Apparently she and her husband and her son Fred Philip Breyer were involved in Seventh Day Adventist work.

The obituary gave the date of her marriage to Frederick William Breyer as 8 April 1888 but I believe the year was actually 1886.  I don't as yet have any information on Frederick W. Breyer other than that it's possible, from Census gleanings, that his mother was born in Ohio and his father in Germany.  I don't have his date of death, but I know that Cora was a widow by the time of enumeration of the 1920 Census of Chester, Wisconsin.

I found four children for Cora and Frederick:

  • Ethel, born in 1887 in Wisconsin; married Orlando Henry Frantz
  • Alma, born in 1888, in Wisconsin; according to the obituary of her mother referenced above, she predeceased her mother
  • unnamed female, born premature on 15 December 1889; died 17 December 1889.
  • Fred Philip Breyer, born 9 September 1894 in Wisconsin; according to the obituary, he also predeceased his mother
  • Myrna Leota Breyer, born 3 April 1906 in Wisconsin; married Earl Homer Maryott
If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the information presented above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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