Wednesday, December 15, 2010

RPPC of Flooded Broad Street, possibly Bangor, Maine

Real Photo Postcard depicting a flooded city street.  The reverse of the card names the street as Broad Street.  There's a Broad Street in Bangor, Maine, near the confluence of Kenduskeag Stream and the Penobscot River, which has been flooded numerous times over the years.

Reverse of the card, with rather faint handwriting:


Dear Paul,
This is one picture of the flood.  The is Broad Street.  See how the cars are in the water.  At night they paddled around in canoes here.

If I had a better knowledge of early automobiles, I might be able to date the photo.  Perhaps it's showing the 1923 flood.

Then again, the Broad Street pictured might not in Bangor, Maine.  If you have any insights into the possible location and year, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

This RPPC has come to light just as Maine and New Brunswick are experiencing flood conditions from recent heavy rains.

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