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1911/1912 Alumnae Register of Rockford College, Rockford, Illinois, names from 1854 to 1911: Classes of 1907 to 1911

1911/1912 booklet, Volume 1-2, Number 58 of the Alumnae Register of Rockford College, Rockford, Illinois. Alumnae from the Classes of 1854 to 1911 are listed, with the names, occupations or husbands' names, and addresses.   This may not be a complete listing, as it may have depended upon whether or not the alumna (or relative or friend) took steps to update the college of her status.

There's a separate section at the end of the Register for the Graduates of the Music Department from 1862 to 1911 - check future posts.

In this issue, I'll list the alumnae from Classes 1907 to 1911.    

This is the last installment of the first part of the Register.  The first installment dealt with the Classes 1854 to 1860; the second with Classes 1861 to 1868 ; the third with Classes 1869 to 1876; the fourth with classes 1877 to 1884; the fifth with classes 1886-1894; the sixth with classes 1895 to 1906 - check the blog archives.


Name; Occupation or Husband's Name; Address

Ruth Dement, B. A.; Teacher; 4434 Sidney Ave., Chicago
Adela Wohler, B.A.; Teacher; Oshkosh, Wisconsin


Alice Laura Beal, B.A.; Springfield, Vermont
Florence Bergman, B.A.; Clyde Husband; May St., Lead, South Dakota
Gertrude Gunsaulus Hunter, B. A.; Teacher; Rochester Academy, Rochester, Wisconsin
Aleta S. McEvoy, B. A.; Teacher; 1018 Spafford Ave., Rockford
Charlotte Louise Pettibone, B. A.; 217 S. Prairie Ave., Austin
Helen Alice Taggart, B. A.; Teacher in the "School for Organic Education"; Fairhope, Alabama
Katherine Louise Ward, B. A.; Frank H. Stowell; LaGrange
Margaret Woodbury, B. A.; George Burton Hotchkiss; 601 Howard Place, Washington, D.C.
║Jean McMillan, B. A.; 1347 Second Ave., Los Angeles, California


Lydia Lois Cool, B. A.; Teacher; 99 Union St., Blue Island
Frances Duffey, B. A.; 113 Auburn Place, Rockford
Virginia Love Helsell, B. A.; Teacher; Sioux Rapids, Iowa
Beulah Birdena Johnson, B. A.; Teacher; 507 S. Second St., Rockford
Anne Markel, B. A.; Teacher; Bend, Oregon
Lillian Byers Moore, B. A.; Harry Coffin; 422 N. Linn St., Iowa City, Iowa
Margaret W. Parr, B. A.; 1046 W. State St., Rockford
Teckla Peterson, B. S.; Teacher; 1140 Second Ave., Rockford
Grace M. Sterns, B. A.; Teacher; Humboldt, Iowa
Jean Woodward, B. A.; 416 Lake St., Evanston


Myrtle M. Barber, B. A.; Teacher; 2007 E. State St., Rockford
Wilhelmina B. Barfield, B. A.; Hinsdale
Alice Burton, B. A.; Teacher; Charles City, Iowa
Louise Hurt Green, B. S.; Dr. Brady Dexter Epling; Petersburg
Alice Constance Reese, B. A.; Teacher; 6449 Normal Blvd., Chicago
Rachael Mary Roberts, B. A.; 723 Orleans Ave., Keokuk, Iowa
Marguerite Tucker, B. S.; Teacher; 309 S. Euclid Ave., Oak Park
Dorothy Wheelock, B. A.; Teacher; 1235 Lemon St., Riverside, California
Esther Hope White, B.A.; Teacher; Humboldt, Iowa
Caroline Eleanor Williams, B.S.; Teacher; 413 Park St., Rockford

‡Graduate of Rockford Seminary 1881
║Graduate of Rockford Seminary 1882


Martha A. Dunton, B.A.; Sycamore
Edna M. Harrer, B.A.; Teacher; 1827 Orrington Ave., Evanston
Maud Lunette Hubbard, B.A.; Henry W. Gilbertson; Ballston, Virginia
Bertha Hunter, B.A.; 602 N Church St., Rockford
Franc Stoddard Judd, B.A.; 526 N Court St., Rockford
Frances Marjorie Kilburn, B.A.; 1995 Harlem Ave., Rockford
Eva Helen Kinzel, B. S.; Teacher; Mattoon
Elizabeth Beatrice McKee, B.A.; Teacher; Cherry Valley
Clara Aleta Noyes, B.A.; Teacher; Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Ruth Peterson, B.S.; 410 S Third St., Rockford

‡Graduate of Rockford Seminary 1881
║Graduate of Rockford Seminary 1882

The next several posts will list the women graduates of the Music Department at Rockford College, starting with the Class of 1862.

If you have any insights into the genealogy of any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  

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  1. i am doing a project on jane addams and i heard this is were she went to college so by any chance can you give the people that graduated. with her thank you so much.

  2. Interesting! Here is a link to a previous blog that shows some of the earlier classes. The class of 1859 has an Ellen M. Abbe who indicated that she was employed by J. Adams of 2135 W Adams St, Chicago. Adams with one D. I didn't see Jane Addams herself as a graduate, at least not in those early classes, and it sounds as though she was already along in her profession by the time Ellen joined her, if J. Adams is indeed Jane Addams.;postID=7622394648000159925