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1911/1912 Alumnae Register of Rockford College, Rockford, Illinois, names from 1854 to 1911; Classes 1877-1884

1911/1912 booklet, Volume 1-2, Number 58 of the Alumnae Register of Rockford College, Rockford, Illinois. Alumnae from the Classes of 1854 to 1911 are listed, with the names, occupations or husbands' names, and addresses.   This may not be a complete listing, as it may have depended upon whether or not the alumna (or relative or friend) took steps to update the college of her status.

There's a separate section at the end of the Register for the Graduates of the Music Department from 1862 to 1911 - check future posts.

In this issue, I'll list the alumnae from Classes 1877 to 1884.    I was interested to see Jane Addams in the Class of 1881, giving her occupation as Head Worker at Hull House, Chicago.

Stayed tuned as I work my way through the booklet of 24 pages to the Class of 1911.  This is the fourth installment.  The first installment dealt with the Classes 1854 to 1860; the second with Classes 1861 to 1868 ; the third with Classes 1868 to 1876 - check the blog archives.


Myra Frances Baker; Avon Court; Rockford
Sarah Boardman Clapp; Rev. C. Goodrich; Tungcho, China
Mary Orella Earle; †Frank H. Payne, M. D., Berkeley, California
Imogene S. Pierce; Teacer; 3912 Vincennes Ave., Chicago
Caroline Smith; Teacher; Clifton Springs, New York


Lillian Beckman; Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania
†Kate A. Carnifix; David F. Graham
†Carrie Carpenter; Robert E. Jones
Cora Carpenter; Teacher; 1014 Rockton Ave., Rockford
A. Lillian Clark; Judge Charles Kelley; Charles City, Iowa
Stella E. Foote; Edwin W. Warren; Belvidere
Lizzie V. Ide; †Lorenzo A. Knox; 231 5th Ave., Leavenworth, Kansas
Carrie A. Longley; Freerick Jones; Grand Rapids, Wisconsin
Julia E. Officer; Teacher; Hotel Archibald, Seattle, Washington
†Laura J. Risner
Cora W. Shepherd; Teacher; Chattanooga, Tennessee
†Kate L. Smith; Fred S. Prentice


Susan Wheat Benedict; Prof. H. E. Gordan; Iowa City, Iowa
Mary Brewster Downs; Teacher; 4 Elizabeth Court, Oak Park
Ella Katherine Foote; 628 Grove St., Rockford
†Laura L. Keeney; James McNulty
Addie F. Merrill; William Lee; DeWitt, Iowa
Ella Cornelia Smith; Edward L. Abel; 643 Idaho St., Huron, South Dakota
Victoria H. Wigren; J. Jacobson; Bishop Hill


Emma Francis Goodale; James F. Garvin; Cassilla 811, Santiago, Chile
†Sarah Ellen Hodge
Emma F. Merrill; DeWitt, Iowa
*Maria Gilman Nutting; Teacher; 1402 Spring Way, Berkeley, California
†Nellie Marie Rose; S. J. Caswell
Harriet A. M. Smith; Edward D. Etnyre; Oregon
Corinne Williams, L.L.D.; Hamilton Douglas; 456 Jackson St., Atlanta, Georgia


Jane Addams, B. A., L. L. D.; Head Worker; Hull House, Chicago
Alice Atkinson; C. W. Sprague; 1215 7th Ave., W. Seattle, Washington
Emma Leone Briggs; W. V. A. Dodds; Beatrice, Nebraska
Ella Mary Browning; Arthur L. Tucker; 309 Euclid Ave., Oak Park
†Mary Patience Ellwood; John H. Lewis
Annie Jerina Ellers; Rev. D. A. Bunker; Seoul, Korea
Laura Elizabeth Ely; †Prof. Edward L. Curtis, Ph.D.; 61 Trumbull St., New Haven, Connecticut

*Returned Missionary from Turkey

CLASS OF 1881 cont.

Eleanor Frothingham, B.A.; Rev. C. B. Haworth; Vancouver, British Columbia
Helen M. Harrington, B. A.; W. M. Alderson; San Diego, California
Kate Elizabeth Huey; J. E. Whiteselle; Corsicana, Texas
Mary Ellen Huey; J. A. Hughes; 214 Pocahontas St., Dallas, Texas
Phila Diana Pope; James S. Campbell; Monte Vista, Colorado
†Anna Wilkinson Sidwell
Adele M. Smith; J. H. Strong; 4356 Drexel Blvd., Chicago
Elizabeth Smith; DePere, Wisconsin
Katherine Louise Tanner; Franklin P. Fish; Lake View Hotel, Los Angeles, California
Martha Thomas; J. H. Green, M. D., Dubuque, Iowa


Mary Agnes Baker; 1429 Detroit St., Denver, Colorado
Camelia Walcott Fitch; William E. Hamlin; The Marie Antoinette, Broadway and 66th St., New York
Julia Evangeline Gardner, B. A.
Minnie May Marks; Carlos J. Ward; 110 S. Grove Ave., Oak Park
Sarah Goss Sperry; T. W. Snow; Batavia
Caroline A. Strong; Nurse; 107 Clowes Ter., Waterbury, Connecticut
Abbie May Warner; 212 S.Euclid Ave., Pasadena, California
Catherine Waugh, M. A.; Catherine Waugh McCulloch, Lawyer; 1104 Merchants Loan & Trust Bldg,
Harriet Elizabeth Wells, B. A.; E. G. Hobler; Batavia


Mary C. Brown; H. W. Buckbee; 326 S. Third St., Rockford
Helen Martha Gregory; Teacher; 603 N. Horsman St., Rockford
Elizabeth Lamb Stanbridge; Louis Thiers; 426 Park Ave., Kenosha, Wisconsin
Mary J. Waddell; †F. H. Crombie; 2902 Pacific Ave., Spokane, Washington


Lillian Ethel Bacon; A. T. Van Scoy; 545 Terrace Ave., Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Mabel Clark; Perry C. Wadsworth; 1426 Monterey Road, South Pasadena, California
Carrie Elvira Cleveland; H. W. Gardner; 521 College Ave., Rockford
Mary Fisher Crane; Richard A. Matthews; 302 Wesley Ave., Oak Park
†Carrie A. Hewitt; Dr. Irvin J. Heckman
Mary Bradley Hubbard; Teacher; Plymouth, Wisconsin
Mary Alice Ives; William M. Jones; Myrtle
Alice Cornelia Morehouse; Fred H. Guenther; Sarasota, Florida
†Mary Parmelia Warner; 311 Walnut St., S. E., Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mae Margaret West; G. E. Newman; Address unknown

If you have any insights into the genealogy of any of the people listed above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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  1. My great grandmother was Mary Alice Ives, 1884 graduate. Do you gave more info?

    1. Sorry, I don't. Somehow this register ended up in my possession, and I decided to post the names. However, not knowing how much information on your grandmother you already have and how familiar you are with family history research - if you're just starting out, I'd recommend and lots of google searches, all free. There's also, which is a subscription service, but you can use it for free at many libraries and also at Family History Centers, which also have access to some of the other subscription sites. You can find the nearest Family History Center here:
      Good luck!

  2. My great grandmother was Mary Alice Ives, 1884 graduate. Do you gave more info?

    1. Sorry, no. But you could try searching on - it's wonderful, and, even better, it's free.

  3. Thank you for publishing this. This has helped me solidify the relationship between Jane Addams and Phila Pope (Campbell), whom I am researching regarding her activities in Monte Vista and Denver Colorado, the Chautauqua movement, and later in San Diego until her death there in 1942. I would appreciate any information that regards Phila D Pope. Regarding the others: There is some additional information in Jane Addams memoirs...The Selected Papers of Jane Addams. This should be an easy internet search for anyone interested.

    1. Oh, glad this helped! I've collected a lot of school memorabilia and am putting it online bit by bit. Hope someone reads your comment and has more information for you. If you are writing, or have written about Phila, please post the link.