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1903 Photograph of Class of Second Grammar School, Dexter, Maine

Photograph glued to glass (broken) with a stand affixed to it, of students at the Second Grammar School at Dexter, Maine, in 1903.

Names of the students:

Back Row

? Butler (first name is very faint; may be Tommy)
Carrol Breed
Johnny ?
Guy Gove
Ralph Morgridge
Ethel Carter
Stella Hill
Amos Morgridge
Roy Springall
Charles ? (very faint)
? (very faint)

Front Row:

Grace Kelly
Marion Davis
June Parsons (the reference to Young, may mean that she is the June Parsons who married Harry W. Young)
Mable Slater (I found a Mable Slater in the Maine Marriages database, so this is likely the correct spelling)
Rosa Bailey

Researching the 1900 Census for Dexter, Maine, I was able to find the following:

Carroll M. Breed, born abt May 1890 in Maine, son of Susie; could he possibly be the Harvey C. Breed who married Zetta L. Phinney, also of Dexter, on 29 March 1911?

Guy Gove, born about 1890 in Maine, son of Fred and Edith Gove

Ralph Vernard Morgridge, born 30 January 1890 (according to his WWI draft enlistment card) in Maine, son of Charles and possibly Ethel

Stella Hill, born about 1891, daughter of Walter and possibly Jennie Hill

Amos Otis Morgridge, born 15January 1890 in Eliot Maine (according Maine Military Men 1917/1918),  the son of Frank and possibly Abbie Morgridge

Roy was, I think, William Leroy Springall, born about September 1889 in Maine, son of William and possibly Evangeline.  He is possibly the William LeRoy Springall who indicated on his WWI draft enlistment card that he was born 30 September 1890, and I believe he's the William L. Springall who married Ruth W. Merrill on 26 November 1924.   She had previously been married to Guy A. Bigelow.

Grace Kelly or Grace Kelley, born about 1889 in Washington, D.C., daughter of Sarah (Sadie).  She may be the Grace C. Kelly, who married Herbert E. Woodward on 17 November 1945.

June Parsons, born about June 1889 in Maine, daughter of Forrest and possibly Rose Parsons.  She may be the June Parsons who married Harry Young of Dexter on 25 June 1913.

Mable Slater, born about Oct 1888 in Maine, daughter of George and possibly Emily Slater.  In the Maine Marriage online database, there's a Mable F. Slater who married Harry W. Young on 23 August 1944.  Could this be the same Harry W. Young who married June Parsons?

Rosa Bailey, born about December 1887 in Maine, daughter of Edwin and possibly Carrie Bailey.  I found a Rosie L. Bailey in the Maine Marriages database.  She married Charles E. Pendexter on 10 February 1906 and Elbridge A. Flanders on 27 March 1907.

Here's a map of Dexter, Maine, a scenic town of lakes, hill and farmland, located on Route 7 between Newport and Dover-Foxcroft.

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If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the information presented above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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  1. according to the 1900 Dexter census there is a Thomas Butler Jr who was 11 yrs old

  2. That's probably him then - thanks so much for taking the time to comment!