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1911/1912 Alumnae Register, Rockford College, Rockford Illinois - Music Department - Classes from 1862 to 1911; this post, 1876-1884

1911/1912 booklet, Volume 1-2, Number 58 of the Alumnae Register of Rockford College, Rockford, Illinois. Alumnae from the Classes of 1854 to 1911 are listed, with the names, occupations or husbands' names, and addresses.   This may not be a complete listing, as it may have depended upon whether or not the alumna (or relative or friend) took steps to update the college of her status.

The first portion of the Register deals with Classes 1854 to 1911 at the College - see previous posts for the names of those alumnae.  The latter portion of the Register deals with graduates of the Music Department, Classes 1862 to 1911, and there are a few male graduates as well.  This post will detail Music Department Classes 1876 through 1884.  A previous post dealt with the Classes of 1862-1875.  See future posts as I work toward the Class of 1911.

CLASS of 1876

Name; Occupation or Husband's Name; Address

Ada Bartlett; Teacher; Address unknown
*Lillian G. Beekman; Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania
†Lida Bronson; J. Edward O'Brien
Flora M. Conklin; Alfred Haines; Address unknown
*†Jessie F. Hubbard; George K. Barton
Nellie Jewett; Teacher; Geneva
Alice N. Lawrence; Edwin H. Sammons; 1306 Grant Ave., Rockford
Florence M. Upton; †Lyon P. Ross; 4521 Magnolia Ave., Chicago
Ella W. Waterman; John Jay Magee; 5810 Rosalie Ct., Chicago


Grace H. Bingham; W. E. Busey; M.D.; Address unknown
Alice H. Hopkins; Charles E. Bradt; DeKalb
†Mary Cometa Miller; James Joslin
M. Jane Folsom Smith; Teacher; Address unknown
Lucretia Mary Starr; 914 N. Main St., Rockford


†Belle Clark
Mary DeGraffe; H. C. Tear; Warren
†Julia Emma Officer; Hotel Archibald, Seattle, Washington
Agnes Taylor; J. R. Crocker; 4457 Berkley Ave, Chicago
Lizzie Weld; 1016 Spafford Ave., Rockford
Emma Jane Wilkins; Ludwig Gutmann; Chicago
Charles Johnson; Teacher; Boston, Massachusetts


Mary Eva Blakeslee; John L. Holmes; Address unknown
†Mary E. Burns; Frank Barnes
Ida E. Edson; address unknown
Emma Goodlander; †J. V. Eustace; Rockford
Jennie Hetzel; Chicago
*Addie F. Merrill; William Lee; DeWitt, Iowa
Addie Bell Smith; A. G. Wells; DePere, Wisconsin
*Ella Cornelia Smith; Edward L. Abel; Huron, South Dakota
Bertha Eugenia Spafford; Charles H. Godfrey; 327 S Third St., Rockford


†Annette Burton; Edward Garst
Hattie May Ellwood; E. L. Mayo; DeKalb
Mary Emerson, B.A. (Wellesley); Edward P. Lathrop; 905 Haskell Ave., Rockford
*†Sarah Ella Hodge
*Harriet A. E. Smith; Edward D. Etnyre; Oregon
Laura Starr; Arthur H. Frost; 712 N. Court St., Rockford
Addie L. St. John; †B. Farnum; 70 W. Fourth St., Dunkirk, New York
*Corrinne Williams, L.L.B.; Hamilton Douglas; 456 Jackson St., Atlanta, Georgia
Lizzie Anna White; Edward Brown; 312 S Third St., Rockford

†Also Academic Graduate  [Note: characters for "Deceased" and "Also Academic Graduate" are 
                                            reversed from the usual format of the Register.  Perhaps the information
                                            is also reversed]


Lillie Depuy Cummins; C. U. Fitts; 21 Henshaw Ave., Northampton, Massachusetts
Edith Hood Evans; E. Ralph Graves; address unknown
*Eleanor Frothingham; Rev. C. B. Haworth; Vancouver, British Columbia
Carrie Wood Hazeltine; O. L. Hollister; 379 18th Ave., Milwaukee, Wisconsin
*Mary Ella Huey; J. A. Hughes; 215 Pocahontas St., Dallas, Texas
Henry Krause; address unknown
Lola A. Manatt; Walter W. Cardell; Perry, Iowa
Deda Mealey; Lester Elwood; 202 Ridgewood Ave., Minneapolis, Minnesota
Eleanor Louise Nichol; James H. Malcolm; Hopewell Manse, Franklin, Indiana
Ida Sherratt; B. J. Chaney; 1232 E State St., Rockford
*Adele M. Smith; J. H. Strong; 4356 Drexel Blvd., Chicago
*Martha Thomas; J. H. Green, M.D.; Dubuque, Iowa


†Julia Carney
Olive Hannah Chick; J. B. Antes; 424 N Court St., Rockford
Lena Hewitt Gumaer; William Corey; address unknown
Laura Derby Hemenway; Charles P. Reynolds; address unknown
Ruth LaForge; Howard Hall; Grand Bay, Alabama
Minnie Melissa Lyman; 142 S Kenilworth Ave., Oak Park
Jessie Raymond; A. E. Fisher; Rockford
Martha Irene Wells; Chicago

CLASS of 1883

Lizzie Barker; address unknown
*Lillian Clark; Judge Charles Kelly; Charles City, Iowa
†Martha G. Cooper
†Lucie B. Lewis; J. L. Keep
Alice Neumeister; 214 Summit St., Rockford
Minnie Owen; Frank J. Kyle; address unknown
†Frank A. Quigley; 
Lillian Utter; Olin R. Brouse; 824 N Church St., Rockford
Fred A. White; address unknown


Anna Antoinette Baume; Joseph Reinboth; 3616 Lake Ave., Chicago
*Mary Fisher Crane; Richard A. Matthews; 302 Wesley Ave., Chicago
*Ella Catherine Foote; 628 Grove St., Rockford
Eva Campbell Goodrich; Lewis Goodrich; Fairmont, Nebraska
*Alice Cornelia Morehouse; Fred H. Guenther; Sarasota, Florida
Kittie Wagner; A. B. Wright; address unkown
Bryant E. Wade; Music Dealer; Rockford

*Also Academic Graduate  [note: characters back to normal]

If you have any insights regarding the genealogy or accomplishments of any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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