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May 1923 Program for Maine Interscholastic Invitation Meet at Orono

Official Program, Maine Interscholastic Invitation Meet, Alumni Field, Orono, Maine, May 19, 1923.   Interesting  handwritten notations throughout.
Schools participating:

  • Portland High School
  • Maine Central Institute
  • Calais Academy
  • Bangor High School
  • Foxcroft Academy
  • Gardiner High School
  • Blue Hill - George Stevens Academy
  • Bridgton Academy
  • Milo High School
  • Mattanawcook Academy
  • N. H. Fay High School
  • Kent's Hill Seminary
  • Morse High School
  • Thomaston High School
  • Coburn Classical Institute
  • Hebron Academy
  • Warren High School
  • Old Town High School
There is a double-sided insert in the brochure with the names of the competitors.  Here is the front of the insert:

Annual Inter-Scholastic Track Meet
University of Maine
Alumni Field, Orono, Maine
May 19, 1923

Bangor High School
Bruce Smith
Henry Fairbanks
James Samway
George Noddin
Steve Casper
Harold Withee
Earl Staples
Jordan Stuart
Arthur Chandler
Walter Whittier
Donald Sanborn
Daniel Kennedy
Oscar Anderson
Philip Yerxer
Donald Flanagan
Ralph Shannon
George McKinney
Philip Trickey
Eugene Rice
William Connors
Frank Colburn
Morris Dunphy
George Briggs
Charles Morrison
Hilton Humphrey
Allen Rooks
H. Burbank

Bridgton Academy
Otis Kaler
Kenneth Sampson
Lloyd Crockett
Donald Ricker
Philmore Linscott
Chester McKeene
Arthur Eggleston
George Kaisan
Lawrence McKnight
Kenneth Greenleaf
Arthur Greenleaf
Paul Reed
Norman Landers

Calais Academy
Peter Mace
Thorot Allen
John Trainor
John Gardiner
Augustus Young
Jack Phelan
Norman Webber

Coburn Classical Institute
George Mittelsdorf
Karl Rood
Henry Shanahan
Charles Hardy
Harold Wescott
Hollis Wood
Brainard Hardy
Clausion Hadley
Loriston Adams
Allen Loliman
Albert Moore
Stewart Mitchell
Robert McLoyd

Dexter High School
Lloyd Shields
Harold Hall
Robert Henderson
K. A. Burrill
Laurence Robichard
Harold Scribner
B. Pooler
Eugene Gilman
C. Barley
Royal Smith
Donald Champeon
A. Ellms
Vincent Pelrine
Leonard Coughlin
Nelson Ambrose
Elwood Bridge

Foxcroft Academy
Raymond Ames
Clinton Turner
Stewart Farley
Everett Smith
Burnham Emerson
H. Barker
Carroll Wiles
Thoran Sherman
Joseph Drummond
Raymond London
John Marsh
Kenneth Doore

Gardiner High School
Harold Dole
Ernest Morrill
John Malaney
Carl Barnard
Earl MacDonald
James Davidson    [see reverse of this page after conclusion of Gardiner High School team members]
Ralph McCurdy
Oscar Purdy
John Leighton
Ralph Hildreth
Stanley Marshall
Elwood Sprague
George MacNamara
Robert Simons
Robert Grey
Albert Henderson
James Spearin

Hebron Academy
Walter Leonard
Andrew Jackson
Stanley Rowe
Robert Grey
Felix Byron
Philip Hart
Matthew Willey
Thomas Bradbury
Myron Mason
Cleveland Sleeper
Edgar Small
Roger Hodgekin
Richard Thomas
Edgar Sewall
Rodolph Lewsen
Morrell Goodwin
Andrew Nash
Alonzo Nash
Eugene Young
Ralph Bernard
Hugh Conant
Carlos Crandall

Maine Central Institute
Lloyd Stitham
Robert McFarland
Ralph Craig
Richard Tibbetts
Leo Smith
Glendon Stobbard
Virgil Lancaster
Vaughn Clay
Reginald Fuller
Mayo Seekins
Ray Ragon
Herbert Newhouse
Norway Hodgkins
Carroll Day
Derry Morse

Mattanawcook Academy
William Whitten
Rodney Holmes
Carleton Lancaster
Lawrence Clay

Morse High School
Thomas Bates
Cecil Hamilton
Herbert Morse
Raymond Small
Lawreston Palmer
Frederick Silsby
Berman Dunton
Norman Norton
Clifford Madden
Howard Brewer

Old Town High School
Robert Scott
Gorham Scott
Nathan Epstein
Robert Thatcher
Bernard Blake
Robert Lunt
Kenneth Dudley
Franklin Brangwynne
Frank Harlow

Portland High School
Lester Campbell
Omar Harris
Richard Currie
Harold Wood
Edmond Black
Morris Cushing
William Currie
Harold Purington
Albert Simonton
Richards Castner
Max Cushing
Rudolph Aderstrom
Carl Applebee
Hubert Young
Everett Boynton
Lester Austin
Earl Etter
to be picked later - Thomas
Harold Fraser
Edgar Wood
Edward Pratt
Roy Folsom
Everett Stevens

Thomaston High School
Howard Beattie
Stanley Kalloch
Robert Mitchell
Elliot Copeland
F. Brown
Virgil Jordan

The next pages are from the booklet:

Below:  Pictured are Coach Flack and Coach Murphy.
Coach Flack came to the University in the fall of 1920 when he started as assistant coach of football. He coached basketball and track that year and has since put out many winning teams in these and also in cross country and relay.  He attended Center College, Syracuse and Pennsylvania.

Coach Murpy is the newest of our coaches and has been successful in the short time he has been with us.  He is the line coach in football and coach of weights in track.  He also showed his ability in coaching hockey.  He was a three-letter man at Dartmouth and has coached at Colorado School of Mines.


Captain Ned Lawrence.  "Ned" is captain of track, wining his letter in his freshman year.  He was captain of relay his Junior year.  The same year he tied the State record in the 440 yard dash.  He is a member of the Senor Skulls and the honorary chemical society.

Captain Ed Kneeland.  "Ed" was captain of relay, winning his letter in cross-country in his Junior year.  He is an active man on the campus.  He is a member of the Senior Skulls and the honorary journalistic society.

Captain Mac McKeeman.  "Mac" was captain of the New England championship cross-country team this year.  He is also a good two miler.

Captain-Elect Sim Raymond.  "Sim" was elected captain of cross-country for next year.  He made his letter in cross-country his freshman year.


Officials for Interscholastic Track Meet
Referee - Dr. Little
Starter - J. S. Brooks
Judges at Finish - Chief Judge, Prague, F. D. Wallace, Watson
Timers - Chief, A. L. Grover, Pollard, Al. Johnson
Judges of Jumps - Pole Vault, Perkins; High Jump, Judkins; Broad Jump, Lawry
Judges of Weights - Hammer, Campbell; Discus, G. H. Webb; Shot Put, J. A. Chalmers
Clerk of Course - S. M. Wallace
Measurer of Weights - Leighton, Collins, Elliott, Garsoe
Measures of Jumps - Doerr, Larrabee, Houghton, Giddings
Inspectors - Raymond, Ames, C. Noyes, W. C. Strong

Track has had a successful season this Spring under the leadership of Captain Ned Lawrence '23, the team having made a good showing in all the meets.

M.I.T. with a strong aggregation succeeded in defeating the blue in a dual meet at Orono, but a week later Brown with a well balanced team fell before the Orono speedsters.

Although Maine was only conceded an even chance in the State meet of winning second place, she easily placed second giving Bowdoin several surprises.

"Cuddy" Murphy has been added to the coaching staff, and has found some promising weight men among the Freshmen who will be point winners in the next three years.

Coach Flack has labored hard under all sorts of weather conditions, and the results of the meets have been gratifying to him as well as to the student body.


Cross Country
Cross country teams at the University of Maine have long held a prominent place as a varsity sport.  In the history of Maine's Cross Country teams they have won the New England College Championship runs five out of ten times that this event has been held.  In the National Intercollegiate runs Maine has always placed well up with the larger colleges of the country, while in the State Championship runs Maine has won the event every year except in 1921 and 1922.

This past year Maine has had a very successful year.  Under the leadership of Clyde A. McKeeman of Calais, Maine, Maine won both the State and New England Championship and placed sixth in the National Intercollegiate run.  A new feature has been added to the sport this year by the development of a fast Freshman team which competed in the National Freshman Intercollegiate run at New York.  Next season it is hoped that the new freshman class will bring a nucleus of material for this sport, as meets will be held with other colleges.

Coach Flack will coach both outfits next fall and under the leadership of Capt. H. W. Raymond of North Jay, Me., Maine will no doubt have another championship team.

Although a branch of Track, Relay is in itself a separate sport.  It is of importance not only for its own value but from the fact it keeps in condition any men who may have been out for Cross Country in the Fall, and puts in condition any men who may be desiring to go out for Track in the Spring.

The University of Maine has always had a good Relay team, in fact in 1917, it had the New England champion team.  The Relay season starts around the first of December and lasts until Spring track begins.  Practice is held on the outdoor board track and on the indoor board track in the Gym.

One meet at least is competed in by the University team, the New England Meet in Boston.  If the team is sufficiently good it is also set to the Penn Relays in Philadelphia.

This last season, (although defeated in Boston), the team under Coach Flack and Captain Ed Kneeland '23, made a very good showing. A particularly large number of Freshmen candidates were out for the team.  With frequent time trials and careful training each man is given an equal chance.

Besides the varsity team a Freshman team is picked as are also other class teams, interclass rces being held and numerals awarded.  An inter-fraternity track meet is another feature of the winter months and is an outgrowth of relay.

Relay is a coming sport at the University of Maine.
"Rat" Kennison.

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