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1911/1912 Alumnae Register of Rockford College, Rockford, Illinois, names from 1854 to 1911: Classes of 1895 to 1906

1911/1912 booklet, Volume 1-2, Number 58 of the Alumnae Register of Rockford College, Rockford, Illinois. Alumnae from the Classes of 1854 to 1911 are listed, with the names, occupations or husbands' names, and addresses.   This may not be a complete listing, as it may have depended upon whether or not the alumna (or relative or friend) took steps to update the college of her status.

There's a separate section at the end of the Register for the Graduates of the Music Department from 1862 to 1911 - check future posts.

In this issue, I'll list the alumnae from Classes 1895 to 1906.    

Stayed tuned as I work my way through the booklet of 24 pages to the Class of 1911.  This is the sixth installment.  The first installment dealt with the Classes 1854 to 1860; the second with Classes 1861 to 1868 ; the third with Classes 1868 to 1876; the fourth with classes 1877 to 1884; the fifth with classes 1886-1894 - check the blog archives.


Name; Occupation or Husband's Name; Address

Mary Eunice DuBois; Frank M. Davis; Rockford, Rural Route No. 4
Grace Alvira McGaw; David Willard Lyon; Shanghai, China
Jessie L. Schryver; Robert Clyde Mylne; 475 Walnut St., Aurora
Grace Sherman, B. A.; H. C. Dorcas; Iowa City, Iowa
Myra Blanche Walker, B. A.; H. Stanton Burpee; 809 N. Court St., Rockford


Fanny Rebecca Jackson, B. A.; 806 Main St., Whitewater, Wisconsin
Lydia Gillingham Robinson, B. A.; With the "Monist"; LaSalle
*Mary Aseath Sabin, B. A.; Fred K. Houston; 1119 Hinman Ave., Evanston
‡Grace Sherman, B. A.; H. C. Dorcas; Iowa City, Iowa


Lella Blakeslee, B. A.; Teacher; Waukesha, Wisconsin
║Alice Belle Foltz, B. A., Dr. George Y. Wilson; Colorado Springs, Colorado
†§Alice J. McQueen, B. A.; Robert A. Harper
Jean Maria Newcomer, B. A.; Teacher; Tucson, Arizona
†Jennie Elizabeth Snider, B. A.


Henrietta P. Ayres, B. A.; Teacher; Akeley Hall, Grand Haven, Michigan
J. Florence Gantz, B. A.; Herbert Stephen Hicks; Rockford
Gertrude May Lautz, B. A.; Edward M. Sutliff; 611 West 158th St., New York City
Ruth Murray, B. A.; Carl Horn; Logansport, Indiana
Sarah Emily Wheeler, B. A.; George William Bunge; LaCrosse, Wisconsin


Caroline E. Baker, B.A.; Dr. Bert Bigelow; 120 Lawn Place, Rockford
Pearl Biller, B. A.; Byron E. Eastwood; 626 Peach St., Rockford
║Emma Lyman Bushnell, B. A.; Teacher; Stowell Cottage; Beloit, Wisconsin
Isabelle Duffey, B. A.; Teacher; 113 Auburn Place, Rockford
Faye Cleopatra Dunkle, B. A.; Teacher; Webster School, St. Paul, Minnesota
Claude Marie Francis, B.A.; W. 1108 14th Ave., Spokane, Washington

*Graduate of Rockford Seminary 1889
‡Graduate of Rockford Seminary 1895
║Graduate of Rockford Seminary 1890
§Graduate of Rockford Seminary 1891

CLASS OF 1899 cont.

Fannie Cornelia Frisbie, B.A., PhD. (Chicago); Frank B. Jewett; Wyoming Ave., Millburn, New Jersey
Julia Moorehouse, B. A.; Eugene S. Rolfe; Glidden, Iowa
Bertha Styles, B.A.; 193 E. 10th St., Eugene, Oregon
Ruth Crawford Wilkins, B.A.; 509 N. Church St., Rockford


Mary Elizabeth Appleton, B.A.,A.M.; Teacher; Tama, Iowa
Jessie Florence Binford, B.A.; Hull House, Chicago
Mabel Eliza Dobson, B.A.; Dr. Robert Bowie; Table Rock, Nebraska
Marjorie Jones, B.A.; Teacher; Address unknown
Mary Bodelle Kinner, B.A.; Squire E. Fitch; 10 Riley St., Westfield, New York
Virginia Tarbet Long, B.A.; Rev. Ora Walker Taylor; 115 W. 5th Street, Rochester, Minnesota
Harriet Vincent, B.A.; Teacher; 732 N Main St., Rockford
Fanny Thompson Wagner, B.A.; Frank M. Fairfield; 10422 Longwood Ave., Chicago


Rachel Alice Bracken, B.A.; Carl Sturtevant Brice; Tama, Iowa
†Margaret Teresa Butler, B.A.; Teacher
Lucy Fitch, B.A.; 1540 University Ave., Madison, Wisconsin
Desdemona L. Heinrich, B.A.; Teacher; Sedan Strasse 4, Leipsic, Germany
Katherine Mabel Keith, B.A.; Myron LeRoy Burt; Bedford, Iowa
†Harriet Avis Johnson, B.A.; Teacher
Lucile Matthews, B.A.; Richard F. Hammett; Forest Service, Tisson, California
Margaret Monrad, B.A.; Linnisgade 14 u.c., Copenhagen, Denmark
Mary Lulu Morse, B.A.; Jay Walter Parsons; 311 W. 23d St., Erie, Pennsylvania
Caroline Lucretia Wilbur, B.A.; Harry Rawson; 515 Furman St., Rockford


Anna Blanche Clark, B.S.; Teacher; 517 College Ave., Rockford
Anna Sophia Hunter, B.A.; Teacher; Rockford
Mary Pettibone Jones, B.A.; Teacher; Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin
Cartherine Robbins McCartey, B.A.; 609 Grant St., Beatrice, Nebraska
†Katherine Ruebel, B.A.; Teacher

*Graduate of Rockford Seminary 1890 [I didn't see this in the names listed above]
║Graduate of Rockford Seminary 1889

CLASS OF 1902 cont.

*Edith Alice Sherman, B.A., Glenn Mark Averill; 213 S. 12th St., Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Ethel Vincent, B.A.; Teacher; 732 N Main St., Rockford
Jennie Ada Walker, B.A.; Greenwood Hall, Chicago University


Flora Elizabeth Eddy, B.A.; Teacher; Rockford
Leona Gail Powers, B.A.; Teacher; Belgrade, Montana
Olive Keith Raftree, B.A.; 5465 Washington Ave., Chicago
Cara Frances Swenson, B.A.; Address unknown
║Ama Sears Taylor, B.A.; Rockford; Rockford
Marcia VanDuzer, B.A.; Benjamin Spencer Meeks; Bennettsville, South Carolina
Nellie Elizabeth Voigt, B.A.; Eugene D. Ruebel; Bicknell, California
║Eleanor Fraley Woodruff, B.A.; Rockford


Janet Dobson, B.A.; Barton L. Smith; 947 N Court St., Rockford
Hortense Elder, B.A.; Homer Johnson; RR No 1, Covell
Czarina Giddings, B.A.; Teacher; 953 N Church St., Rockford
Mary Sarah Hunter, B.A.; Alfred Senner Isham; 108 Starr Ave., Columbus, Ohio
Agnes Hutchinson, B.A.; Teacher; Alton
Fannie Talcott Irwin, B.A.; Paul Leland Case; 3320 Monteray St., St. Joseph, Missouri
‡Eleanor Frothingham, B.A.; Rev. C. B. Haworth; Vancouver, British Columbia


Lulu M. Brooks, B.S.; Glen B. Kersey; 415 Tenth St., Wilmette
Elizabeth Corcoran, B.A.; Teacher; 1608 Camp Ave., Rockford
Lorena M. Church, B.A., A.M. (Chicago); Teacher; Rockford College
Alice Twogood Coonradt, B.A.; William A. Blodgett; Morrison
Helen Estelle James, B.A.; Ralph G. Taylor; 1003 Perry St., Davenport, Iowa
Lulu Riedesel, B.A.; 121 S. Prairie Ave., Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Elizabeth Adell Brown, B.A.; Teacher; 1205 W State St., Rockford
Florence Goodard, B.A.; Teacher; Carrizozo, New Mexico
Elsie Mabel Glenney, B.S.; Teacher; 429 E Pasadena St., Pomona, California
Estelle Martin, B.A.; Carl F. Schreiber; Leipsic, Germany
Edith Leech Masters, B.S.; Petersburg
Anna Marie Monrad, B.S.; Cataloguer, Yale Library; New Haven, Connecticut
Mabel Dorothea Schultz, B.A.; Elihu Read Childers; Columbia, Missouri
Avis Talcott, B.A.; Chemist; 1220 Des Moines St., Des Moines, Iowa
Elizabeth Clark Ward, B.A.; Richmond

*Graduate of Rockford Seminary 1890
║Graduate of Rockford Seminary 1889

If you have any insights into the genealogy or accomplishments of any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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