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1911/1912 Alumnae Register of Rockford College, Rockford, Illinois, names from 1854 to 1911; Classes 1869-1876

1911/1912 booklet, Volume 1-2, Number 58 of the Alumnae Register of Rockford College, Rockford, Illinois. Alumnae from the Classes of 1854 to 1911 are listed, with the names, occupations or husbands' names, and addresses.   This may not be a complete listing, as it may have depended upon whether or not the alumna (or relative or friend) took steps to update the college of her status.

There's a separate section at the end of the Register for the Graduates of the Music Department from 1862 to 1911 - check future posts.

In this issue, I'll list the alumnae from Classes 1869 to 1876.   

Stayed tuned as I work my way through the booklet of 24 pages to the Class of 1911.  This is the third installment.  The first installment dealt with the Classes 1854 to 1860; the second with Classes 1861 to 1868 - check the blog archives.


Name; Occupation or Husband's Name; Address

Sarah F. Anderson, M. A. (Beloit); H. A. Ainsworth; Moline
Frances B. Benson; Teacher; Janesville, Wisconsin
†Sarah A. Culver
*Alice L. Howell; Nathan Ford; 6628 Kimbark Ave., Chicago
Georgia M. Judd; George F. Sabin; Oshkosh, Wisconsin
†Stella T. Lilly; Rev. Edward Barrett
*†Loretta A. Ramsey; George H. Patch
Ellen S. Richardson; Rev. John W. Baird; Samokov, Bulgaria
Sarah J. Sands; †Rev. J. D. Croissant; 1717 Q St., N. W., Washington, D.C.
†Carolina T. Warner; Rev. M. B. Harrison
Carrie S. Woodruff; John P. Landon; 746 E. 65th St., Chicago


†Mary E. Brown; Harlan Cook
Emma Farris; Henry C. Wilson; Address unknown
†Hattie M. Foote
†Nettie C. Foote; H. H. West
*†Emma T. Godfrey; N. S. Robinson
*Fannie G. Huggins; Teacher; Berkeley, California
*Sarah H. Lawson; Rev. A. D. Adams; Address unknown
†Anna M. Keene; Rev. O. J. Stephenson
†Catherine L. Smith
Julia D. VanSteenburg; Albert Durham; Address unknown


Carmelite S. Brewer; Rev. Thomas D. Christie; President of St. Paul's Institute; Tarsus, Turkey
*Jennie Butler; J. M. Albrecht; Tiskilwa
Louise A. Frisbie; Teacher; Mendon
*Nannie A. Hosford Charles F. Curtis; Clinton, Iowa
Mary A. Marston; Michael Kew; San Diego, California
Mary J. Morrison; George H. White; Address unknown
*†L. Isabella Rose; Z. M. Cypert
*Mary H. Watkins; †Francis Whitcomb; Bloomington, Wisconsin
*Harriet N. Williams; W. Williams, M.D.; Salt Saint Marie, Michigan
║Mary P. Wright; Missionary; Gaza, Iowa
Ida A. Youngs; †William Payzant; 3a Napoles No. 40, Mexico, D.F. Mexico


S. Alice Addams; †Henry W. Haldeman, M. D.; Girard, Kansas
Phoebe Carmichael; John R Kerr; Pecatonica
Mary Carson; Maj. Hugh Jocelyn McGrath; 810 Porter Ave., Eau Claire, Wisconsin
A. Elizabeth Fitch; Grinnell, Iowa
M. Lillie Glasner; Enos Gage; 616 E. Hurlbut S., Belvidere

*Normal Department
║Returned from Turkey

†Alice H. Hollister; D. R. Brearley
Melissa E. Hovey; †Albert S. Kidd; 300 Sixth St., San Bernardino, California
Florence L. May; B. W. Smith; 800 W. College Ave., Jacksonville
Caroline A. Murray; 320 Greenwood Boul., Evanston
Emma R. Pearson; Polo
Ellen G. Rice; George W. Wilbur; 325 W. Superior St., Oak Park
†L. Isabella Rose, B. A.; Z. W. Cypert
Lucy J. Stockwell; John Chalmers Lewis; 72 E. 18th St., Minneapolis, Minnesota
Marie T. Upson, B. A. (Univ. of Nebraska 1901); Teacher; 321 N. Eighth St., Beatrice, Nebraska


Permelia Anthony; Sterling
Mary I. Beattie; 223 North St., Rockford
†Sarah Anna Dean; Frank D. Hinckley
Marie L. Gardiner; Charles H. Griffin; Upper Montclair, New Jersey
Louise L. Hinckley; †A. W. Thornely; 420 N. Yakima Ave., Tacoma, Washington
Fanny A. Thompson; Dr. M. J. Quintero; Consul from Cuba; 2nd Ave., DuQuesne, Lyons, France
Mary E. Tichenor; Thomas Watson; 225 S. Thomas St., Pomona, California


Emelie A. Anderson; William A. Bickel; Geneseo
†Carrie Gilman Brown; George M. Blake, B.L.
Margaret Edwards; Frank Duncan, M.D.; Box 15, R.R. No. 7, Dallas, Texas
†Carrie D. Horn; Frank Early
Chloe J. Johnson; A. Swarengen; Leon Iowa
Margaret L. Watson; Teacher; 909 Jefferson Ave., Peoria


Gertrude E. Chapin; Albert F. Foster; Litchfield, Minnesota
Mary E. Greenleaf; James C. Plant; Glen Carlyn, Virgiia
Mary E. Pomeroy; Henry M. Wright; R. R. No. 2, Amboy
Mary H. Siddle; Andrew Dunlap; S. Egremont, Massachusetts
Loretta C. VanHook; Missionary; Tabriz, Persia
†Frances E. Windsor; Bert J. Harris
Alice Wood; W. H. Bender; Ligonier, Indiana


Addie L. Brewer; Teacher; Wheaton
†Julia Clark
Katherine E. Fuller; T. F. Rhinehart; Belvidere
†Jessie F. Hubbard; George K. Barton
†Florence E. Hyde; Prof. E. G. Popenoe
M. Ellen Lord; Teacher; 7700 Bond Ave., Windsor Park
Salome A. Pierson; A. H. Blair; WaKeeney, Kansas


If you have any insights into the genealogy of any of the people listed above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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