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Mimeographed copy of 1945 letter sent to Alumni at Ricker College, Houlton, Maine

Two mimeographed copies of the same letter which was designed to be sent to alumni of Ricker College in Houlton, Maine, in hopes of receiving donations for the construction fund.

Ricker College opened in 1848 as Houlton Academy and became Ricker Classical Intstitute in 1887, named for Dr. Joseph Ricker.  In 1934, its name changed to Ricker Jr. College and ultimately Ricker College.  Ricker College closed in 1978.


September 27, 1945

Dear Alumnus,

By this time you will have received from some member of your class, acting as the class agent, a letter inviting you to assist in raising a minimum of $500 more than was contributed up to August 1st, as the share of your class in rebuilding Ricker.

If you have not sent your gift or made your pledge, may I not urge you to do so.  The Trustees undertook the construction of the new Ricker on the belief that the Alumni and Friends would all help in the project.

There is a desperate need for $55,000 of new money at once.  You can help by letting us know what you will do.  We hope as many as can will try for a share of $120 at least, but any gift you feel you can make will be gratefully received.

The thing that matters most is letting your class agent or our assistant secretary, Elouise Hillman, know your decision at once.  The response to date has been encouraging.  One Alumnus jumped his first gift from $500 to $1000.  Others have added to theirs.

Why not help your class over that $500 objective now?

                             Sincerely yours,

                              Roy A. Bither
                             Ricker Alumni Association

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