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Brothers Burton, Ernest and Irvin Curtis of Monroe and Waldo, Maine - their pages in autograph book of Bertha Clements, Waldo Center, Maine

Autograph pages signed by three brothers, Burton Allen Curtis and twins Ernest Lindley Curtis and Irvin Lincoln Curtis, of the Waldo, Maine area, in the autograph book of Bertha Clements of Waldo Center, Maine.   The page signed by Burton A. Curtis is above.

Below, the page signed by Ernest L. Curtis:

Below, the page signed by Irvin L. Curtis:

From online research, hopefully correct:

Burton Allen Curtis and his twin brothers Ernest Lindley Curtis and Irvin Lincoln Curtis were the sons of Freeman Hutchins Curtis and his wife Laurette Estelle (Ray) Curtis.   Their paternal grandparents were Gideon and Malinda (Patterson) Curtis.  Their maternal grandparents were Oliver P. and Sarah W. (Hutchins) Ray.

Burton Allen Curtis was born 3 March 1868 in Monroe, Maine.  He married Cora Rose Dell Howard in 1895.  They raised at least one child, a daughter, Ruth Estelle Curtis, in Nashua, New Hampshire, where Burton worked as a plumber.  Burton died at Concord, New Hampshire 13 May 1940.

Ernest Lindley Curtis was born 16 May 1877 in Waldo, Maine.  He married Bertha E. [possibly] Russell sometime between the 1900 and 1910 Censuses.  They lived in Wakefield, Massachusetts.  Ernest worked as a bookkeeper.  I haven't found any children for the couple.  Ernest died 26 August 1925 at Wakefield.

Irvin Lincoln Curtis was born 16 May 1877 in Waldo, Maine.  He married Elizabeth Clark at Waldo, Maine, on 27 September 1905.  They resided at Nashua, New Hampshire, where Irvin worked as a clerk and as a laborer at a cotton mill.   I haven't found any children for the couple.  Irvin died 11 Dec 1930.

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Here are images of the cover of the autograph book and the page that Bertha Clements signed herself.

The signers: [Click on the names in bold for a post featuring their autograph pages and genealogy.]

Bertha Clements signed her first name on the inside cover and her name and address on the first page
"Mother", who was Maria F. (Mixer) Clement of Waldo
Robert Clements, Waldo, Maine, 1891
Frank Blood, friend, 1887
Percy W. Clements, Waldo, Maine
Belle M. Clements, Bertha's sister
Florence A. Roberts, friend, 1891
Burton A. Curtis, friend, 1887
Melvin George Rolerson, Waldo, Maine, 1891
Laura J. Blood, East Knox, Maine
Isaac G. Sanborn, Waldo, Maine, 1891
Georgia, Bertha's friend
Lydia Clements, Bertha's cousin, 1891
Ethel Foss, Brooks, Maine, 1889
Phebe Paul, Waldo, Maine, 1889
? Clements, Bertha's cousin, Waldo, 1891
Bertha, Bertha's friend, 1887
C. E. Whitcomb, friend
Edna Reynolds, Waldo, Maine 1891
John D. Fraser, Pictou, Nova Scotia
Angie M. Sanborn, Waldo, Maine, 1891
Carrie S. Nickerson, Waldo, Maine, 1888
Jabie Clement (?), Bertha's cousin, 1889
Castanous Merrill Smalley, Waldo, Maine, 1891
Isaac Sheldon, Waldo, Maine, 1887
Ida Whitcomb, schoolmate, Waldo, Maine, 1889
Esther Clements, Bertha's sister, Waldo, Maine, 1887
Lela, Bertha's friend, Waldo, Maine, 1887
A. M. Patterson, Bertha's brother - I assume brother-in-law, Whiting Iowa, 1887
Effie Dell Rolerson, friend, Waldo, Maine, 1889
Ida Rolerson, friend, 1887
Lulu R. Cammett (?), Waldo, Maine
Delbert Joel Rolerson, Waldo, Maine, 1891
Ella F. Whitcomb, Waldo, 1890
Verie, Bertha's schoolmate, 1887
George H. Clements, Bertha's schoolmate, Waldo, Maine, 1890
Ellen M. Camett (?), Bertha's cousin, Waldo, Maine, 1889
Ernest L. Curtis, Bertha's friend, 1890
Irvin L. Curtis, Waldo, Maine
Everett Clements, Waldo, Maine
Rachel, Bertha's schoolmate, 1887
Berie Melcher (?), Waldo, Maine
Mary D. Smith, Waldo, Maine
Grace, friend, 1887

And, finally, a map of the Waldo, Maine area:

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  1. I lived with Ruth Estelle Curtis Smith for 6 years after my parents divorce as she was my step-grandmother. She was NOT the chid of Cora Dell Howard but may be the child of Burton Curtis. I have done a lot of research in this area and would be glad to share if you wish. Bob Munroe, munroe.bob@sbcglobal.net