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1911/1912 Alumnae Register, Rockford College, Rockford Illinois - Music Department - Classes from 1862 to 1911; this post, 1885-1894

1911/1912 booklet, Volume 1-2, Number 58 of the Alumnae Register of Rockford College, Rockford, Illinois. Alumnae from the Classes of 1854 to 1911 are listed, with the names, occupations or husbands' names, and addresses.   This may not be a complete listing, as it may have depended upon whether or not the alumna (or relative or friend) took steps to update the college of her status.

The first portion of the Register deals with Classes 1854 to 1911 at the College - see previous posts for the names of those alumnae.  The latter portion of the Register deals with graduates of the Music Department, Classes 1862 to 1911, and there are a few male graduates as well.  This post will detail Music Department Classes 1885 through 1894.  

There have been two previous posts listing graduates of the Music Department, and there will be one more after this one.   Search the blog archive for other class years.


Name; Occupation or Husband's Name; Address

*Lizzie Sarah Blake; George Rice; 1522 A Ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Helen French Cochrane; 814 Rae St., Victoria, British Columbia
Nellie Davis; Chicago
*Katherine E. Dickerman; 529 N Main St., Rockford
Clara Fosgate; Elgin
Nicholine Gjildseth; Charles Knudson; Canton, South Dakota
Helen Edith Hull; 321 Wesley Ave., Oak Park
†Lida Robertson
Georgiana Sisson; James Campbell; Grand Rapids, Michigan
†Kate Walker; Fritz Hagens


Minnie Andrew; 515 N Church St., Rockford
Nellie F. Gerberich; Teacher; address unknown
Elizabeth Gregory; Teacher; 603 N Horsman St., Rockford
Myrtle Livingston; Alec McLaren; 215 12th St., Rockfrd
Lucy Luella Loomis; William Sapp; Council Bluffs, Iowa
*Kate Clarentine Rising; 733 Addison St., Chicago
Helen Louise Sabin; Joseph C. Anderson; Auburn, New York
Mary Potter Willis; F. T. Powers; Lombard


†Emma Lincoln Warner


Mary Breese; Portage, Wisconsin
Ida Countryman; F. E. Craft; Rochelle
Lizzie Earle; Ashton
Carrie Forbes; Teacher; Portage, Wisconsin
Adelia Holmes; Lindenwood
Eva Frances Nash; F. Behrendt; 5801 Rosalie Court, Chicago
Ada Sauber; Frank Johns; Rockford
Nellie Thompson; address unknown
†Mary Roxy Wilkins, B.A.; George N. Holt; 4427 Berkeley Ave., Chicago


*Sarah Burton; O. W. Wright; Belvidere
*Stella E. Palmer; Sidney A. Sabin; 641 Marion St., Denver, Colorado
Jessie Roberts; Charles E. Morse; Address unknown


Minnie Harris; Howard E. Chatterton; address unknown
*Edith Alice Sherman; Glenn Mark Averill; Cedar Rapids, Iowa
*Helen May Taylor; Teacher; Alden, Iowa
Nellie Webster; Dr. C. E. Woodbury; 504 4th St., Council Bluffs, Iowa

*Also Academic Graduate


Dora E. Bateman; W. B. Cairns; Madison, Wisconsin
Mary Brown; Bishopthrope School, South Bethlehem, Pennsylvana
†Daisy Copeland
Jeannette Durno; 4621 Lake Ave., Chicago
Belle Farrington; New York
Nellie Knapp; Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Josephine Phinney; Teacher; 216 N Horsman St., Rockford
Laura B. Walch; Monroe
Susan M. Walch; Monroe


Bertha Matson Andrews; Dr. A. T. Holbrook; 612 Kenwood Blvd., Irving Place, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Alta Cooley; Professor Willis E. Tower; 444 N Normal Park Way, Chicago
Helen Elmore; A. D. S. Simmons; address unknown
Fanny Belle Fay; 1210 Flournoy St., Chicago
Mary I. Foote; Belvidere
Harriet May Fuller; Carlton W. Holbrook; address unknown
Grace Gove; Charles Sallburg; address unknown
Mabel G. Hemenway; 96 S Priest St., San Jose, California
†Laura J. Miller
Mary J. Miller; Frank G. Redfield; Newell, Iowa
Louise Schryver; Rev. Stephen B. Dexter; Princeton
Mabel B. Stevens; H. C. Himoe; address unknown
Jessie Tritle; Winnebago
Howard Wells; Teacher; Chicago


M. Belle Atwood; Eugene Frey; Belvidere
*Mabel Walker, M.A.; Charles Herrick; 3735 Ellis Ave., Chicago
Florence Easton Jenkins; H. B. Blood; Keokuk, Iowa
Helen Jenkins; Edgar Lee Masters; 4219 Ellis Ave., Chicago
Marcia Louise Jenkins; Hazen Irwin Sawyer; Keokuk, Iowa
Winifred Johnson; Stillman Valley
Letta M. Newcomb; Dr. Gray; Ayr, Nebraska
Chesta Oaks; Holcomb
Minnie Riley; Winnebago
Edith Saluda Watson; Frank H. Bartlett; address unknown


Agnes Elizabeth Conde; 1357 Bond St., Los Angeles, California
Emma Ekern; Herman A. Ott; 2404 N 44th Ave., Chicago
Kate Lyford; Charles Gleasman; Rockton
Rachael McGregor; H. L. Cole; 915 Elm St, Rockford
LaVerne Packard; Dr. H. V. Taylor; 168 North Ave., Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Selma Rundquist; John McGuffey; Missoula, Montana
Clara Belle Schellinger; address unknown
Jennie Walton Shaw; Paxton
Mary Sherratt; 4649 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago

*Also Academic Graduate

If you have any insights into the genealogy or accomplishments of any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  I noticed that Helen Jenkins of the Class of 1893 married poet, dramatist and biographer Edgar Lee Masters.

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  1. Researching Frank Johns, who relocated to Hasting, FL in 1923 with his wife Ada Mae Sauber from Rockford, IL. I am looking for a copy of a diploma for Frank Johns or a copy of a marriage certificate, etc.