Saturday, April 3, 2010

1800s Portrait of the White Family, Levant, Maine

UPDATE:  Scroll down to the comments where a reader has identified and placed the people in the photograph and identified the setting, which is still standing today - it's the Baptist Church on the Horseback Road in Levant, Maine.  The people include:  Ethel Bryant White; Zelma M. White; Charles F. White; Medora White; Harry White; Stanley White; Christy White.  Many thanks!

1800s photograph of the White family, taken outside the Baptist Church on Horseback Road, Levant, Maine.

The photographer's name was Frank Stoddard, Levant, Maine.  It looks as though he applied his fancy name by hand.

If you, like the reader in the first two comments below, have any additional information on the White family of Levant, Maine, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

A map of Levant, Maine:

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  1. I know exactly who this family is! These are my ggranparents.I have other pics of them.Could not believe my eyes when I came across this photo.The lady in center holding child is Ethel Bryant White whom my mother Ethel 'Garland' Gray was named for. The child held is my grandmother Zelma M White.The gray haired elderly man behind on left is Charles F White, her father in law.Below him his wife Medora.Younger man behind on right, Ethel Bryant's husband Harry White.Boy child to Ethel's left is Stanley White.Christy White is the girl ctr. back.The woman to bottom right is most likely Ethel's "Bryant"sister or a sister in law "white" of Levant. They came from Parsonsfield Maine. Joseph White l of York,Me 1780 forefather. His son Joseph ll came to Levant later as part of the ecclesastic religious movement.The chid Zelma, wed Andrew Garland of Otis, alais "Utah Kid" Prize winning boxer & friend of heavyweight Jack Dempsey. Zelma & Andrew also ran Restaurant top of Miller hill Hermon,later in life.They are buried Pine tree rd. Hermon. Whites are in Waung cematary, Levant. Note: Ethel Bryant later married a "Harvey". This picture brought a tear to my eye thanks, Jayne G. Gray

  2. PS: Also,this is the Baptist Church on the Horseback Rd, Levant Me.It is still standing.The Shutters are still visible today as is the layout of the stone foundation. It is across the street from the town cemetery. There were several notable persons buried their following services held at the church. Writers,poets,solider's & a child Naomi Mitchell who was murdered early 1900.The murder made national news with the two week manhunt that occurred in finding the killer William "Sherman" Gray, a farm worker from away helping with the haying nearby that summer.

  3. Hi, I'm researching the Bryant family. Was Ethel's father Charles A. Bryant, and her mother Ella Kimball? If so, Charles' first wife was a Doble and my first cousin 3x removed. I think this photo may have been taken about 1910 because Ethel married in 1903, Harry P. White.

    White. I can't find any thing about JLW. Can you help me?

  5. I looked on for a Job Loring White and saw several possibilities. There was one in the 1880 Census of Westfield, Iowa. He was born in Maine about 1814. Could this be the one you're seeking, or perhaps his son by the same name, if he had one? He married Eliza Nason in Wiscasset, Maine on 26 May 1842. Sadly their marriage record is a copy and doesn't have info on the parents. I found his name at the Maine Masonry site, as involved in the Masons at Wiscasset: Perhaps they have more info? Also I found reference to a Job White who was a selectman at Wiscasset in 1812, perhaps your Job's father or uncle?? Wiscasset "Job White" He might have been the Job White who married Mary Polly Sloman on 24 Oct 1795 at Pownalborough. Mary Polly was from Woolwich. But I didn't find that they had a son named Job, not that there wasn't one. There was a Simon Eaton White born about 1866 in Iowa, living in Oklahoma in the 1930 Census. Interesting family - you might find some missing facts by checking probate and land records in Maine and Iowa. Good luck!

  6. Wonder if this White family and the family of Sara Hannah White were related. Both are from Maine, but in different cities or towns.

  7. Pretty cool! Zelma is my great grandmother - I only met her once when I was a child, but by all accounts she was a lovely person and a great cook! So cool to see this photo of her family...thanks for posting!

    1. So glad you chanced upon this! Nice to hear something personal about her - her character and her cooking skills.

  8. Pretty cool! Zelma is my great grandmother - I only met her once when I was a child, but by all accounts she was a lovely person and a great cook! So cool to see this photo of her family...thanks for posting!