Monday, April 5, 2010

Old Photograph of Young Man; Brunswick Maine photographer

Old photograph taken by Webber Photography, Brunswick, Maine, of an unidentified young man.

At first I thought he was a member of the clergy, but a reader has left a comment that high collars were in fashion in that era.

If you recognize this fellow from your family photo collection or if you have other insights to offer, please comment.


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  1. Hello...I hope you don't mind me offering some expertise. I'm assuming you're thinking this is a "man of the cloth" due to the style of stiff collar he's wearing. However, if you notice, this is not a clerical collar - you can see the gap in the front center. This was a typical 3-inch high, stiff, detachable collar worn by many men of the late 1890s, both for formal occasions and every-day business.

    This man is more than likely NOT a man-of-the-cloth.

  2. Don't mind at all! Thanks so much for your clarification. I'm going to amend the post.