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1906 Graduating Exercises, Belfast High School, Belfast, Maine

1906 Graduating Exercises of the Belfast High School, Class of 1906, at Belfast Opera House, Friday Evening, June 15, 1906, in Belfast Maine.

Motto - Onward and Upward
Class Colors - Yellow and White
Class Flower - Yellow Rose

Teachers: H. R. Eaton; Caroline W. Field; Annie L. Barr; Melvina V. Parker

Prayer: Rev. D. I. Wilson
Salutatory: Maud Jeannette Herrick
Class History: Eliza Frances Abbott
Piano Solo, "Polish Dance" by Scharwenka: Ethola Wynona Frost
Class Prophesy: Isaphine Ella Patterson
Class Oration: Eugene Edgecombe Thomas
Chorus, "The Guardian Angel, Gounod
Presentation of Gifts: Theodore Newell Shorey, Hugh Hayford
Essay, "The Rose": Annette  Arabella Shuman
Banjo Solo, "Autumn Breezes", Lansing: Sarah Clark Collins
Valedictory: Gertrude Mudgett Banks
Awarding Diplomas: Rev. Ashley A. Smith
Singing of Class Ode
Chorus, "A Day on the Water", Veazie
Benediction: Rev. Harry Lutz

Class of 1906:
Eliza Frances Abbott
Marion Holmes Bailey
Gertrude Mudgett Banks
Sarah Clark Collins
Ethel Enna Davis
Lucy Ann Dickey
Ethola Wynona Frost
Hugh Hayford
Maude Jeannette Herrick
Blanche Eloise Kimball
Melvin Clarence Knowlton
Isabelle Sarah Mayo
Arthur Rodney Murch
Isaphine Ella Patterson
Theodore Newell Shorey
Annette Arabella Shuman

Eugene Edgecombe Thomas

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