Wednesday, April 7, 2010

George Edward Perkins and wife Harriet E. (Aylward) Perkins of Perry, Maine

Photograph of couple identified on the reverse as Hattie (Aylward) Perkins and George Perkins.   The identification is in the handwriting of amateur historian Virginia (Golding) Pottle, now deceased, of Perry, Maine.

See another post that features the 19th century photograph of a house that Virginia (Golding) Pottle felt was the Perkins House on the Shore Road at Perry, Maine, with one of the people appearing to be George Edward Perkins or his father James Perkins.

George Edward Perkins was born April 13, 1855 at Perry, Maine, the son of James Perkins and his second wife, Mehitable (Pottle) Perkins.  Harriet E. (Aylward) Perkins, "Hattie", was born at Pembroke, Maine, or Perry, Maine, on February 8, 1867, the daughter of Lowell C. Aylward and Harriet E. (Leach) Aylward.

Read more about the military service of Lowell C. Aylward here.

George and Hattie married in March of 1886 and settled at Perry, Maine.  I didn't find a record of any children for them.  Hattie died in 1905 at Calais, Maine, shortly after her 38th birthday.  George was still alive at the time of the 1930 Census of Perry, Maine.

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  1. Did you try PEI? lots of Aylwards came to Main and Massachusetts from PEI.

  2. Hattie's father Lowell Aylward, from your information at, looks like the son in the family in this 1860 Census:

    1860 Census, Maine, Washington Co., Pembroke
    Roll 455 Page 629

    Aylward, James, 47, NS, fisherman, $200
    --------, Mary, 50, ME
    ------, Martha, 23, ME, servant girl
    -------, James, 21, ME, Seaman
    ------, Lowell, 18, ME, Sailer P.I.W.
    ---, Edward M., 16, ME, Farmer
    ----, Alvin K., 12, ME
    -----, Mary E., 10, ME
    -, Branford F., 7, ME

    The head of this household, James Aylward, is likely the son of James and Mary (Polly) Aylward, of Five Islands, Colchester Co, Nova Scotia. Mary's ancestors, John and Jemima (___) Nichols Polly, were planters who went to NS from Malden, Massachusetts, in 1769.

    For James Aylward, before he left for Pembroke, Maine, I have this:

    he was studying mensuration and navigation in school in 1829. (Was his listed age, 23, correct?) Either he or his father was appointed a Baptist deacon about 1837 [Story of Five Islands, 1969].

    James is not on the list of those doing road work in the East River District in 1858, although all four of his brothers are listed [Story of Five Islands, 1969], nor is he on the 1861 head of household census of Five Islands. According to, he married a Mary Huckins. There is a James and Mary who match, living in Pembroke, Washington Co., Maine, from at least 1860.

    Here are James' later censuses. No one ever got Mary Polly's birthplace correct, but the mistakes they made seem like more evidence that her family was from somewhere else besides Nova Scotia. And it looks like James married the housekeeper when his wife Mary died.

    1870 MAINE, Washington County, Pembroke
    Series 593, Roll 563, page 470

    parents foreign born?
    Father? Mother?
    Aylward, James 52 N S foreign US ship carpenter
    Aylward, Marsha 32 Maine foreign US keeping house
    Aylward, Edward M 25 Maine foreign US mariner
    Aylward, Alvin K 22 Maine farm laborer
    Aylward, Mary E 19 Maine
    Aylward, Branford S 16 Maine

    1880 United States Census, Pembroke, Washington, Maine
    Series T9, Roll 0489, Page 173D

    Name/ Relation/ Marital Status/ Gender/ Race/ Age/ Birthplace/ Occupation/ Father's Birthplace/ Mother's Birthplace

    ALWARD, James, Self W[idw] Male W 63 Ship Carpenter NS IRE PA
    ALWARD, Mary E., Dau S[ing] Female W 28 Keeping House ME NS ME
    ALWARD, Brantford, Son S[ing] Male W 26 Sailor ME NS ME
    ALWARD, Fred E., GSon S[ing] Male W 9 ME ME NS