Monday, April 19, 2010

Ed Parker and Hester Oldham (?), two old cabinet photos

Found together: two cabinet photos with similar format & handwriting; unfortunately, neither has any photographer's info that would give an indication of locale.

One photograph is of Ed Parker.  His full forename  could be Edward, Edgar, Edmond, etc.

The other photograph's ID is a bit harder to read, but the forename is Hester, and I believe the surname is Oldham.

Perhaps Hester and Ed were siblings, and Hester went on to marry a Mr. Oldham.  Or Ed and Hester could have been cousins or acquaintances.   Or perhaps both were known to the owner of the photographs but not necessarily to each other.

Or these could be completely unrelated photographs that just happened to be found together.

I've found there was a Benjamin Oldham who married a Hester Randall, in the Dixfield, Maine area.  This would be plausible, since I probably found the photographs in Maine.  But, in reality, they could have come from anywhere.

If you have any insights into the further identities of these two people, please get in touch with me.


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