Saturday, April 10, 2010

Snapshot of Simon Scribner, Mellen, Wisconsin (born in Maine in 1858)

Faint snapshot of Simon Scribner of Mellen, Wisconsin.  I used the Auto Contrast to give a better idea of his facial features.

From online research, it appears that Simon was born in 1858 in Washington County or Penobscot County, Maine, and lived in towns where those two counties abut until sometime after the 1880 Census when he moved to Wisconsin.  In fact, the trip must have occurred, at least for his wife and children, after May 1893, when son Raymond was born, as his birth state is given as Maine on the 1900 Census.

Simon was the son of Nelson Webber Scribner and Caroline (Blanchard) Scribner.  He married Ada M. Kneeland in 1875 in Carroll, Penosbscot County, Maine.  She was born in Topsfield, Washington County, Maine, in 1859, the daughter of Obed and Eliza (Hannonell) Kneeland.

They had a large family, with most of the children born in Maine.  [That must have been an interesting trip west!]  Ada died in 1933; Simon died in 1946.

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Mellen, Wisconsin

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  1. Simon was my Great, Great Grandfather. His daughter Viola was my Great Grandmother.

    Ric Zimmermann

    1. Thanks for replying, Ric - hope you got a kick out of seeing your great, great grandfather. I've traveled many times through the part of Maine that he came from.

  2. Simon Scribner was my great grandfather. His daughter Nellie was my grandmother. She was born in Mellen. I've been there many times but have never been to Maine. Looking forward to making that trip one day soon.

  3. Hope you find some graves of your ancestors when you make the trip to Maine! Sometimes when I'm headed downeast, for a change of pace, I take Route 6, which your great grandfather must have traveled many times before he left for Wisconsin - great views of Mount Katahdin, steep hills, lakes, moose. That road used to have some of the highest grades in the state on a numbered highway, if not the highest, but has been tamed quite a bit - though there are still some huge hills. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  4. Simon was my great, great grandfather. His son Lee was my great grandfather. Lee's son Glen is my grandfather and he lives in Mellen. I have a cabin there, as both my parents were born there!