Thursday, April 8, 2010

1882 Competitive Speaking Contest, Randolph State Normal School, Vermont

Competitive Speaking at the Randolph State Normal School, Town Hall, Thursday Evening, June 22, 1882, commencing at 7:45 o'clock.

1.  The Ride of Collins Graves, Mary F. Bates, Hartland
2.  The School Master's Guests, John R. Woodward, Braintree
3.  Inez DeCastro, Mabel A. Lazelle, Plainfield
4.  Archie Dean, Mabel L. Davis, Norwich
5.  Flying Jim's Last Leap, Abbie L. Jones, Waitsfield
6.  Toussaint L'Ouverture, Erwin A. Davis, E. Barnard
7.  Daisy's Faith, Susie L. Gleason, East Warren
8.  Creeds of the Bells, Mabel L. Wilson, East Barnard
9.  One Day Solitary, Simeon N. Putnam, Randolph
10. Money Musk, with accompaniment, Nellie A. Alger, Eaton, P. Q.
11.  The Surgeon's Story, Carrie M. Walker, Pomfret
12.  Webster's Reply to Hayne's, James N. Adams, Williamstown
Admission ---- 15 cents
The proceeds will be used for the benefit of the School Library

If you're researching your family member who was a teacher in Vermont in the late 1800s, you may find the name here.  Enjoy!

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