Friday, March 20, 2015

March 1847 Issue of the American Protestant, published by American Protestant Society, New York, New York.

March 1847 issue of the American Protestant, published by the American Protestant Society, 143 Nassau Street, New York, New York.   This magazine reflects the deep division between Protestants and Roman Catholics at that time.

Near the top of the front cover is a handwritten name that appears to be Byron Greenough.  The periodical was purchased in Maine.  Intriguingly, there was a Maine resident of that name during that era.  Byron Greenough (1798-1871), was a Massachusetts native who, about 1821, moved to Portland, Maine, where he became a successful merchant and church deacon.

The East as well as the West [referring to the United States]
Making Capital of Popery, while little is done for Romanists
The Holy Way of the Cross
Miracle-Worker of the Nineteenth Century [referring to St. Philomena]
Narrative of the Fourth Converted Priest [Don Pablo Sanchez]
Responses of Subscribers to the American Protestant
A Word to Protestant Families
The Freeman's Journal, the Editor of the Protestant, and the Country
Three Protestant Magazines reduced to one
Curious, but quite Natural
Pope Pius IX, unmasked
MISSIONARY INTELLIGENCE: - The Monthly Concert of Prayer for the Conversion of Romanists
JUVENILE DEPARTMENT: - Incidents by the Corresponding Secretary
Action of Religious Bodies, with reference to the American Protestant Society
Notices of New Publications
Miscellaneous Items
Receipts on Behalf of the American Protestant Society

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