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1886/1887 Annual Report of Old Orchard, Maine

Fourth Annual Report of the Town Officers of the Town of Old Orchard for the Year Ending February 1, 1887.  Printed at the Biddeford Journal Office, 1887.  The official name of the town was changed to Old Orchard Beach, Maine, in 1929.

A School Report is incorporated into the Annual Report at the end.

 The report contains many names, some of which appear multiple times.  An alphabetical list appears at the end of this post.

Isaiah P. Milliken, Selectman                             Frank G. Staples, School Supv./Auditor
Millard F. Porter, Selectman                                                               
Stephen G. Dorman, Selectman                         Charles W. Ross, School Agent
William F. Fernald, Clerk/Treasurer                    William A. Whittier, Constable
Frank B. Ross, Collector of Taxes                                          
Board of Health
George W. Usher                                                         
George W. Holman                                                                                                              
Gilbert Wylie

Two pages contain birth, marriage and death records for the year 1886.

See more images of pages at the end of this post.

Alphabetical list of the names appearing in the report - be aware that many appear multiple times.

S. P. AdamsLaura Louisa GarveyMrs. H. E. LaneLucretia G. Randall
M. G. AndersonAlvin GooginsT. K. LaneSarah W. Ricker
A. AnthierSarah J. GooginsAlma S. LeavittJ. H. Ricker
G. S. AyerP. H. GooginsWilliam E. LeavittGeorge Ricker
BC. W. GorhamA. D. LeavittAmmi B. Roberts
Miss BakerCharles GorhamE. LeavittAlfred and Annie J. Roberts
T. P. BealsVell A. GouldD. A. LegroM. Robinson
W. C. BealsCharles E. and Eldora GouldLord and LinnellFrank B. Ross, Tax Collector
Belknap & CompanyS. GowenJ. F. LombardCharles W. Ross, School Agent
Edward F. BibberHHenry B. LordC. W. Ross
I. J. BrownGeorge W. HallLord and LinnellT. B. Ross
E. C. BurleighDora M. HamLowell and LordF. B. Ross
Hill and BurnhamWalter A. HansonN. F. LordS
CCharles E. HansonLowell and LordGranville F. Small
D. CampbellEmma HansonMagdalene LuceMrs. E. Smart
J. A. CampbellMabel HansonThomas LynchWesley G. Smith
V. D. Case & Co. John D. HansonJohn LyonsW. G. Smith
H. P. ChadbournH. R. HansonMWilliam H. Snow
H. ChadbourneS. E. HatchGeorge Irwin MackeyLydia A. Squires
Rev. H. ChaseLuther M. HearnJ. I. and V. F. Mackey, Jacksonville, FloridaRoswell Squires
C. M. ChaseJere HearnRev. A. A. MainR. S. Stanley
H. ChaseJ. HearnO. A. S. MayberryFrank G. Staples, School Supv.
Charles M. ChaseHill and BurnhamRev. W. H. H. McAllisterJ. F. Stearns
W. CostelloRev. A. T. HillmanW. H. H. McAllister, teacherE. G. Stevens
Archeboll Eben CousensW. HobbsNahum McKusickJohn M. Stevens
F. J. and A. P. CousensGeorge F. HolbrookCyrus MeansMary T. Stubbs
Jessie B. CrockettGeorge W. Holman, Board of HealthIsaiah P. Milliken, SelectmanPerez Stubbs
DG. W. HolmanH. A. G. MillikenMary T. Stubbs
Austin Stratton DaltonG. D. HolmanE. H. MillikenT
Austin W. DaltonF. E. HooperB. F. MillikenC. B. Thompson
Myra DaltonC. HopkinsA. MillikenJ. Tounge and Company
T. R. DavisHoyt, Fogg & DunhamF. MillikenJohn Tounge
Edward Joseph Day, Jr.Oliver HutchinsIna H. Moses, teacherJ. M. Trafton
Edward J. and Mary S. DayJMiss MosesJ. J. Traynor
W. S. DennettCora Jameson, teacherNIra M. True
H. DolbyJordanJ. M. NortonS. A. True
Stephen G. Dorman, SelectmanTristram JordanC. M. NortonJ. H. True
S. G. DormanB. C. JordanC. W. NortonU
J. W. DuffKPGeorge W. Usher, Board of Health
Hoyt, Fogg & DunhamJames KendrieWilliam Q. PattersonG. W. Usher
EE. E. KingI. J. PerryW
Etta EmmomsLizzie M. PhillipsL. M. Webb
Richard and Clara A. EmmonsW. PhillipsF. Weymouth
Eliza A. EstesH. PhillipsMrs. S. Whitehead
FS. H. PhillipsE. H. Whitten
H. FairfieldWill PhillipsWilliam A. Whittier, Constanble
William F. Fernald, Town TreasurerC. M. PlummerF. A. Whittier
C. H. FiskeH. T. PlummerA. Whittier
H. R. Fling, teacherMillard F. Porter, SelectmanW. A. Whittier
Flora B. FlintM. F. PorterRev. John G. Wilson
George E. FoggA. G. PrentissWinslow & Co.
Hoyt, Fogg & DunhamC. H. PrescottC. H. Woodman
Marian N. FosterCharles H. PrescottGilbert Wylie, Board of Health
Edwin G. FosterG. Wylie
Sarah A. FosterY
Lawrence Young
I. Jesse and Florence I. Young

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