Monday, March 30, 2015

1813 Act to Incorporate The First Baptist Society in Wilton, Maine

"An Act to incorporate the First Baptist Society in Wilton, in the county of Kennebeck", a description that takes up nearly two pages in the 1813 edition of Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Passed by the General Court, at Their Session, Which Commenced on Wednesday the 26th Day of May, and Which Ended on the 16th Day of June, 1813.

Wilton became part of Franklin County, Maine, in 1838.

The Act was approved by the Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on June 11, 1813.

Persons Incorporated:

Jedidiah AdamsMoses FarmerPeter ParkerIsaac Tripp
BHRHumphry Tripp
Samuel BakerDaniel HardyNehemiah RaingerW
Jeremy BeanJob HardyJohn ReedJoseph Willard
Ebenezer BrownLSJohn F. Wood
DJohn LakeEbenezer Seales
Levi DakinEdward LockJonah Spaulding
Levi Dakin, Jr.M
Rufus DresserLeonard Merry

Wilton, Maine

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