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1830s Account Book, Possibly Owned by Luke W. Fogg or Brother of Bangor, Maine

Small mid 1830s account book, approximately 6" x 3-3/4", that appears to have belonged to one of the Fogg brothers, New Hampshire natives, who moved to Bangor, Maine.

See another post that features an 1836 invoice between Fogg & Davis and the Bangor Despatch Line.  The account book and this invoice are part of a larger archive of items associated with the Foggs of Bangor, Maine.

The name L. W. Fogg appears on the front cover, so the owner may have been Luke W. Fogg, who died in 1837 at Bangor, Maine, and is buried at Mount Hope Cemetery there.

The owner appears to have operated a boarding place; some of the boarders worked for him; some perhaps did not.  One of Luke's brothers, Greenlief Fogg (1801-1873), was a lumber dealer at Bangor; it's possible that the Essex Street land mentioned in the page below was purchased for its lumber.  The page mentions Fogg; Davis; C. L. Couillard; Davis Lawrence [?].

Transcript:  [corrections and additions welcome!]

"Bangor June 13, 1836
This is to certify that the ___ do hereby agree to sell N. Fogg & Davis a certain parcel of Land on Essex Street situated on the North side of the said Fogg & Davis House seventy feet on Essex Street 101-9/12 feet deep, the said Fogg & Davis have a right to by the above mentioned Land any time within this and Wednesday night next for the sum of Nine hundred Dollars cash down at the ___ of the deed.  
C. L. Couillard

Davins Lawrence"

From brief online research and with the help of a Bangor area genealogist:  [corrections and additions welcome!]

Luke W. Fogg was born January 24, 1808, presumably in or near Rockingham or Belknap Counties, New Hampshire, the son of Meshach and Abigail (Whittier) Fogg.  Luke's middle name appears as Witcher in some online trees - perhaps it was variant of Whittier.  Luke had, I believe, ten siblings.  The N. Fogg, Noah Fogg, Nathaniel Fogg and Jesse Fogg mentioned in the account book were presumably Luke's brothers.  Interestingly, Luke's oldest sibling, Greenleaf Fogg, isn't mentioned - a clue pointing to him as the account book owner?

As noted above, Luke died on May 12, 1837 and is buried at Mount Hope Cemetery at Bangor, Maine.   Online sources have his wife as Eunice Staples; Eunice presumably remarried as I don't find a Eunice Fogg buried at Mount Hope Cemetery.  However, I can't bring Luke's name up in the Mount Hope Cemetery online database; the information I did find came from a listing on Find-a-Grave by a Bangor genealogist, so perhaps Eunice, even though perhaps remarried, was also buried at Mount Hope Cemetery.

Among the other pages:

The page below mentions that Captain Hewett had returned from Eastport, presumably in 1836 and would be boarding, with his wife, with the account book owner.

Alphabetical List of Names     [Names may be misspelled by the author; misspelled or misconstrued by me; some may be given names rather than surnames, and vice versa.  Many names appear multiple times.  Corrections welcome!]

  • Adams
  • J. Adams
  • Anson
  • Alden Arey
  • Baker
  • Barrett
  • Mr. Bartlett
  • H. & C. Beale
  • Berton
  • Boardman Woodman & Co.
  • Rufus Brightman
  • John Brown
  • Burbank
  • Mrs. Cary
  • John J. ?, Esq. [possibly Coombs]
  • C. L. Couillard
  • Davis
  • Jethro Davis
  • William Decker
  • Eden
  • Capt. Emery
  • Eustis
  • L. W. Fogg; presumably Luke W. Fogg
  • N. Fogg; possibly Nathaniel Fogg or Noah Fogg
  • Jesse Fogg
  • Noah Fogg
  • Folsom & Rowell
  • Lincoln Foster
  • G. A. French
  • Frost
  • Gale
  • Gilman
  • Grover
  • Hammett
  • Joseph Harris
  • Capt. Hewett
  • Robert Hewett
  • Mr. Hiden and wife
  • Hill 
  • Dolly Hutchins
  • S. A. Hyden
  • Selden Jones
  • Jordan
  • Kent
  • Lander [?]
  • Larrabee
  • Davins Lawrence [?]
  • Lawthing [?]
  • Magaffy
  • Salmon Niles
  • Norcross
  • Jesse Norris
  • Phelps
  • Rowell
  • Somers
  • Somes
  • Nick Stuck [?]
  • Nath Thompson
  • A & P Titcomb
  • Washburn
  • Waterman B?
  • Weatherbee
  • H. Weeks
  • Whitman
  • Wing
  • John Witham
Bangor, Maine

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