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1891-1892 Annual Report of the Town of Unity, Maine

Annual Report of the Selectmen and Supervisor of Schools of the Town of Unity, Maine, for the Year Ending March 12, 1892.  Printed in Searsport, Maine, by Newell White.

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Below each image of the pages is a list of the people mentioned, listed only once, though their names might appear several times on the page.  At the end of this post is an alphabetical list of the names - be aware that many appear multiple times.

Pilley Post, G. A. R.

Mary Ellen RobersDaniel FlyeJohn PerleyGeorge Varney
W. G. FullerFred NicholsD. P. ClarkC. Fowler

L. B. FoggOtis StevensW. H. J. Moulton
J. VarneyGeorge Varney
Levi J. WhittenA. W. Fletcher
A. T. WoodsA. J. Clifford

                        William W. Moulton                                        Otis Cornforth
                        J. R. Taber

Taylor & Mitchell
E. M. JonesL. H. MosherW. Gerrish
A. R. MyrickR. H. WardA. H. ClarkJ. R. Taber

A. HindsG. W. Clark
J. K. ReynoldsPeter Laughland
J. K. Reynolds' daughter, burial expensesL. H. Mosher

           Mrs. Anna L. Stephenson                                              W. F. Nichols
           W. Gerrish                                                                     C. E. Stevens
           Rosie Gerald

W. H. J. Moulton
D. R. Gray
A. W. Fletcher

District 1
George T. Murch, Agent
Summer Term - Miss Lou Cook
Fall Term - Miss Mattie Jones

District 2
J. R. Taber, Agent
Summer, Fall & Winter Terms - Miss Olive Gould; assistant Miss Minnie Harvey

District 3
E. M. Jones, Agent
Summer Term - Miss Clara Webb

Winter Term - Mr. G. D. Pennell

District 4
Charles Fowler, Agent
One Term - Miss Anna M. Foss

District 5
Ruel Willey, Agent
Summer Term - Miss Lou Webb
Winter Term - Mr. George Fletcher

District 6
D. R. McGray, Agent
Summer & Fall Terms - Miss Allie Cornforth

District 7
Benson Weed, Agent
Summer Term - Miss Adel Foster
Winter Term - Miss Frances Williams

District 8
E. R. Roberts, Agent
Summer Term - Miss Ethel Clark
Winter Term - Mr. Herbert Rand

District 9
Edwin B. Hunt, Agent
Summer and Fall Terms - Miss Clara Ward

District 10
Eben F. Thompson, Agent
Summer Term - Miss Lutie Hunt
Fall Term - Miss Laura Hunt

District 11
Josiah West, Agent
Summer Term - Miss Lutie Hunt
Fall Term - Miss Annie Stevens

District 12
George B. Pillsbury, Agent
One Term - Miss Minnie Cornforth, in a small room in the agent's house

Free High School
Term at the Village - Mr. S. W. Peabody
Term at Farwell's Corner - Mr. George A. Fletcher
Spring Term at the Village - Mr. Peabody, presumably Mr. S. W. Peabody
Spring Term of District 2 - Miss Olive Gould

W. G. Fuller, Supervisor of Schools

Names mentioned:


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