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1894-1895 Annual Report of the Town of Unity, Maine

Annual Report of the Selectmen and S. S. Committee of the Town of Unity, Maine, Year Ending March, 1895.  Printed in Searsport, Maine, by Newell White.

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Below each image of the pages is a list of the people mentioned, listed only once, though their names might appear several times on the page.  At the end of this post is an alphabetical list of the names - be aware that many appear multiple times.

S. A. Myrick

A. H. ClarkGeorge VarneyIda Nichols
Matilda RobertsHiram MurrySarah Roberts
J. J. VarneyA. J. PomroyWilliam Lamb

Frank Dorman
A. R. MyrickH. H. Grant
Taylor and MitchellE. M. Jones
L. H. MosherCharles Waning

                                     James Eels                                              William Mitchell

Peter Laphlan
George Larrabee, last sickness in Albion and burial expenses
Mrs. Thomas Chase and daughter
Mrs. O. H. Reynolds

W. J. MageeSelectmenAuditor
Ida NicholsAmander RackliffJames Libby, Jr.
A. J. PomroyReuel M. Berry
Hiram MurryD. R. McGray

M. L. PendletonR. WhittenGeorge PushorEd. Roberts
E. NuttE. GrantScribner and Reynolds

Taylor and MitchellJ. A. AdamsD. P. ClarkFred Nichols
F. M. FullerEugene BoulterGeorge Nicholas

District 2
Summer Term - May Conner
Summer Primary - Mabel Bacon
Winter Term - B. F. Harding
Winter Primary - Ethel Clark

District 3
Summer Term - Minnie Cornforth
Winter Term - Mrs. Louise M. Knight

District 5
Summer and Winter Terms - Lou Cook

District 7 - Summer and Winter Terms - Ada Whitney

District 8
Summer Term - Ethel Clark
Winter Term - Myra Libby

District 10
Summer and Winter Terms - Clara Webb

District 11
Summer and Winter Terms - Laura Hunt

Free High Schools
A. L. Blanchard
S. W. Peabody

J. Libby. Jr., Supervisor and Chairman

Names mentioned:

J. A. AdamsH. H. GrantW. J. MageeAmander Rackliff
BE. GrantD. R. McGrayMrs. O. H. Reynolds
Mabel BaconHTaylor and MitchellScribner and Reynolds
Reuel M. BerryB. F. HardingWilliam MitchellMatilda Roberts
A. L. BlanchardLaura HuntL. H. MosherSarah Roberts
Eugene BoulterJHiram MurryEd. Roberts
CE. M. JonesS. A. MyrickS
Mrs. Thomas Chase and daughterKA. R. MyrickScribner and Reynolds
A. H. ClarkMrs. Louise M. KnightNT
D. P. ClarkLGeorge NicholasTaylor and Mitchell
Ethel ClarkWilliam LambIda NicholsV
May ConnerPeter LaphlanFred NicholsJ. J. Varney
Lou CookGeorge Larrabee, last sickness in AlbionE. NuttGeorge Varney
Minnie Cornforthand burial expensesPW
DJames Libby, Jr.S. W. PeabodyCharles Waning
Frank DormanMyra LibbyM. L. PendletonClara Webb
EJ. Libby. Jr., Supervisor and ChairmanA. J. PomroyAda Whitney
James EelsGeorge PushorR. Whitten
F. M. Fuller

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