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1902/1903 Annual Report & School Report of Wiscasset, Maine

Report of the Auditor of Accounts and Superintendent of Schools of the Town of Wiscasset, for the year ending February 21, 1903, and estimates of Selectmen for the Ensuing Year.  Printed by Emerson of Wiscasset, Maine.

The report contains many names, some of which appear multiple times.  An alphabetical list of the names appears at the end of this post.

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Names Mentioned in the Report - some appear multiple times

E. Fred AlbeeWilliam S. DamonSamuel E. IsenorBenjamin Quinnam
Abbie L. AlbeeF. T. DanaJDaniel Quinnam
F. H. AlbeeCharles H. DayJohn M. JacksonHarry Quinnam
Dora A. Albee, teacherAlfred D. DickinsonLevi S. JacksonR
Edwin Amsden, SelectmanFrank E. DickinsonJesse M. Jackson, teacherFlora L. Rines
Walter H. AverillJames DickinsonEdward JonesMrs. Flora E. Rines
Scott C. AverillLuther D. DickinsonGeorge F. JonesThomas E. Rines
Samuel AverillSewall DickinsonGeorge E. JonesWilliam Rines
BLena M. Dickinson, teacherWilliam JonesJohn Rines
Everett BaileyGeorge W. DonnellKGeorge F. Rines
L. A. BaileyJohn H. DowAllan KennedyB. C. Rines
George BaileySusie R. Dow, teacherW. H. KennistonNute Rines
Fred C. BaileyEAbiel KincaidJesse Rines
W. R. BaileyLucy EastmanForest KitchenWalter E. Rines
Jesse BaileyCharles E. EmersonJames E. KitchenH. B. Roberts
Ann H. BaileyJ. F. ErskineCharles E. KnightJohn E. Robinson
A. F. BaileyHuff & EstesLMary E. Rowe
Anson M. BakerHenry EustisPhilip LambertGibbs & Rundlett
John BakerFCharles M. LeavittS
Susan E. BaldanzaWilliam FarnhamJustin M. LeavittFrancis E. Salisbury
Fred J. BarterE. Vernon FarnhamL. B. LennoxOakes Seavey
Fred B. BeanFred FarnhamLucretia B. LennoxGeorge Seavey
Addi BerryWilliam FarnhamMae S. Lennox, teacherC. B. Seekins
Harry BerryMable S. Fish, teacherJennie LewisE. E. Seekins
L. C. BickfordG. H. FowlesF. H. LewisWesley Seigars
George G. BlackmanThomas A. FowlesNorman C. LewisF. W. Sewall
Fred W. BlagdenAlfred A. FoyePlummer LewisCharles S. Sewall
B. Lincoln BlagdenWilliam P. FoyeFred H. LewisSewall lot
George BlagdonJames E. FoyeF. B. LewisHerbert A. Simpson
Benjamin F. BlagdonRobert FoyeSanford G. LewisH. A. Simpson
J. Waterman BlagdonRobert S. FoyeWilson LewisLaforest Small
Augustus BlagdonGeorge D. FullertonFrederick LewisEdwin Smith
Manning L. BlagdonGEthel W. Lewis, teacherB. W. Smith
F. W. BlagdonT. M.GetchellNathaniel LincolnEdward Smith
Wilson BlagdonSilas E. GetchellL. F. LowellJoseph H. Smith
B. Lincoln Blagdon, SelectmanGibbs & RundlettMVinnie E. Smith, teacher
Susan BlairLincoln W. GibbsBion MaharLillian D. Smith, teacher
Joseph H. BorlandU. G. GIbbsMrs. Charles W. MarsonFred A. Soule
W. P. BoudinJames W. GibbsL. B. MarstonF. D. Southard
Willard D. BoudinL. W. GibbsCharles F. McCloudAbbie C. Southard
Nathaniel BrownLincoln W. Gibbs, SelectmanJohn McFaddenD. W. Southard
Frank BushGrace GorhamWilliam A. McFaddenWilliam H. Southard
CA. H. GouldJohn McFadden, ConstableJames V. Sproul
Alfred CallWilliam E. GoveNathan McKenneyJohn R. Stinson
D. A. CampbellHarvey GoveNathaniel McKenneyJ. R. Stinson
Manuel CatonWilliam GreenleafGeorge McKenneyJoseph Sylvester
William H. ClarkWoodbury D. GreenleafJohn McKenneyT
Warren M. CoffinAbiel G. GreenleafWilbur F. MerrillR. H. T. Taylor
Isaac CoffinJohn GreenleafGrace E. Merrill, teacherSusan Terry
Audbury CoffinWilliam G. GroverW. F. Merrill, Supt of SchoolsGeorge W. Tibbetts
Clarence CoffinAlexander G. GroverLee MerryW
Charles CoffinWarren W. GroverWilson H. MunseyGeorge H. Wakefield
G. P. ColbyR. T. GroverWilson MunseyJ. W. Wakefield
F. H. ColbyF. C. GroverPhilip T. MunseyMarcian Warren
William ColbyElias W. GroverLester MunseyGeorge M. West
Frederic ColbyAlex GroverElden P. MunseyJesse White
Lineus ColbyWarren M. GroverNJames L. White
Richard ColbySewall GrovesSeth P. NasonJesse F. White
Daniel M. ColbyHEdward B. NealCharles W. White
Harry CoombsHaggett BrothersJohn NuteJames G. White
Mrs. Abigail CooperH. W. HawesFred NuteHelen White
C. W. CowleyJ. Manchester HaynesAbram NuteArchie Willett
Joseph T. CowleyS. B. HiltonEdward NuteCharles Wolfe
Charles E. CowleyHarrison HiltonLlewellyn NuteY
Benjamin CrossmanSarah B. HiltonPJohn F. Young
Joseph E. CunninghamEmerson HiltonH. T. PassmoreLeroy M. Young
T. W. CunninghamMary G. HiltonSeth Patterson
Baker CunninghamFrank R. HodgdonD. R. Patterson
R. G. CunninghamSolomon HolbrookDaniel R. Patterson
Edward L. HolbrookPayson lot
R. B. HolbrookW. S. Peaslee & Company
Frank B. HoudlettWilliam C. Peterson
F. B. HoudlettAndrew Peterson
Huff & EstesFrank Plumstead
George E. HuffAnnie E. Plumstead, teacher
John E. HutchinsFred E. Pond
John E. Hutchins, Jr.L. F. Porter
C. A. Preble
J. A. Purinton
Alfred B. Pushard
Hattie M. Pushard, teacher

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