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1889-1890 Annual Report of the Town of Unity, Maine

Annual Report of the Selectmen and S. S. Committee of the Town of Unity, Maine, for the Year Ending March 17, A.D., 1890.  Printed in Freedom, Maine by Newell White, Printer.  The report has the name of Billy Bunker written at top.

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Below each image of the pages is a list of the people mentioned, listed only once, though their names might appear several times on the page.  At the end of the post is an alphabetical list of the names - be aware that many appear multiple times.

D. P. ClarkA. W. Fletcher
J. PerleyW. H. Fogler

Stephen ChildsGeorge E. JohnsonRosie ChildsAlbert Rackliff
Fred TerryGeorge VarneyWill CrowelMott A. Cates
Eben T. RackliffR. R. SpinneyA. J. CliffordW. Crowel
Orrin WellsA. T. WoodsJohn SmedburgJ. Libby, Jr.
Frank Mussey

James LibbyW. H. J. MoultonL. H. Mosher
M. P. PendletonFrank MusseyRosie B. Gerald
Marcellus HardingThompson & DuntonTaylor & Mitchell
E. A. HusseyAustin Thomas

Albert RackliffTaylor & MitchellE. B. Tolman
R. R. SpinneyA. R. MyrickE. M. Jones
L. H. MosherA. H. Clark

L. B. HardingTaylor & MitchellW. GerrishJames Eels
A. H. ClarkA. J. MaloonF. E. RiceOtis Reynolds

James CraigA. A. HindsGeorge Varney
Rosie ChildsPaul AmesA. J. Hurd
E. Reynolds' wife

E. A. Hussey
A. J. Hurd
Otis Cornforth, Selectman
W. H. J. Moulton, Selectman - William H. J. Moulton

District 1
Summer term - Miss Annie Stevens
Winter term - Miss Clara Ward

District 2
Summer term - Miss Jennie Johnson
Fall Term - Miss Lidia Bartlett
Fall and Winter Terms, Free High School - Mr. Selden Peabody
Winter Term and Spring Term, Primary - Miss May Connor
Spring Term, Free High School - Mr. George A. Croxford

District 3
Summer Term - Miss May Connor
Winter Term - Herbert L. Rand

District 4
Summer Term - Addie M. Robinson
Winter Term - Miss Georgia Tyler

District 5
Summer Term - Miss Anna M. Foss
Winter Term - Leslie Harding

District 6
Summer Term - Almatia Webb - "Miss Webb has gone to her long home, mourned by her sorrowing pupils and many friends.  What is their loss is her gain."
Winter Term - Clara E. Webb, a member of the school board

District 7
Summer Term - Miss Payson of Montville.
Fall Term - Miss Maria T. Mitchell
Winter Term - George E. Worth.  "This school was not successful.  Mr. Worth's vocation is not that of a teacher."

District 8
Summer Term - Miss Minnie C. Cornforth
Fall Term of Free High School - Asa Jones.
Winter Term - Mr. Otis Cornforth.
"Clarence Blethen and Bennie Blanchard were not absent during the term."

District 9
Summer and Winter Terms - Minnie C. Cornforth

District 10
Summer and Fall Terms - Myra T. Libby
Winter Term - Miss Nellie Hillman

District 11
Summer and Winter Terms - Clara Moulton

District 12
One Term - Miss Mertie Woods

Mentions landmarks: Ruel Mussey; James Cook; estate of N. C. Knight
Hon. Joseph Farwell

S. S. Committee of Unity
Clara Webb
Otis Cornforth
W. G. Fuller

Names mentioned

Paul AmesThompson & DuntonGeorge E. JohnsonMiss Payson of MontvilleTaylor & Mitchell
BEMiss Jennie JohnsonMr. Selden PeabodyFred Terry
Miss Lidia BartlettJames EelsE. M. JonesM. P. PendletonAustin Thomas
Bennie BlanchardFAsa JonesJ. PerleyThompson & Dunton
Clarence BlethenJoseph FarwellKRE. B. Tolman
CA. W. FletcherEstate of N. C. KnightEben T. RackliffGeorgia Tyler
Mott A. CatesW. H. FoglerLAlbert RackliffV
Stephen ChildsAnna M. FossJ. Libby, Jr.Herbert L. RandGeorge Varney
Rosie ChildsW. G. FullerJames LibbyOtis ReynoldsW
D. P. ClarkGMyra T. LibbyE. Reynolds' wifeMiss Clara Ward
A. H. ClarkRosie B. GeraldMF. E. RiceAlmatia Webb
A. J. CliffordW. GerrishA. J. MaloonAddie M. RobinsonClara E. Webb
Miss May ConnorHTaylor & MitchellSOrrin Wells
James CookMarcellus HardingMiss Maria T. MitchellJohn SmedburgA. T. Woods
Otis CornforthL. B. HardingL. H. MosherR. R. SpinneyMertie Woods
Minnie C. CornforthLeslie HardingW. H. J. MoultonMiss Annie StevensGeorge E. Worth
James CraigNellie HillmanClara Moulton
Will CrowelA. A. HindsFrank Mussey
W. CrowelA. J. HurdRuel Mussey
Mr. George A. CroxfordE. A. HusseyA. R. Myrick

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