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1896-1897 Annual Report & School Report of Unity, Maine

Annual Report of the Selectmen and S. S. Committee of the Town of Unity, Maine, for the Year Ending March 1896.

See other posts that feature Unity annual reports from 1888, 1890, 18921895, 1898 and 1900.

Below each image of the pages is a list of the people mentioned, though their names might appear multiple times on that page.  At the end of the post is an alphabetical list of all of the names appearing in the report - be aware many appear multiple times.

Walter MurchG. L. WhittonLaura BlaisdellMrs. L. R. Lane
Philip Childs and familyA. T. WoodsMrs. TuttleA. J. Pomeroy

J. W. FrederickScott ReynoldsThomas Morton
T. C. ReynoldsWilliam Scribner

L. H. Mosher

L. H. MosherJ. R. TaberH. H. Grant
Taylor and MitchellA. R. MyrickWilliam Scribner

Mrs. W. W. Reynolds
E. L. Reynolds
Alwin Douglass - burial expenses and provisions for his family

Stephen ChildsW. J. Magee
T. C. ReynoldsG. A. Stevens

W. J. MageeLaura BlaisdellMrs. Tuttle
G. A. StevensA. J. Pomeroy

Amander Rackliff, Selectman
F. A. Bartlett, Selectman
D. R. McGray, Selectman

J. A. Adams                                                  Fred Nichols
A. W. Fletcher                                              Elmer C. Vining

W. L. Reynolds                                             George L. Whitten
Ginn & Company                                   Thompson and Brown

A. L. Blanchard                                        E. C. Vining
Charles Mussey                                        Otis Cornforth, School Superintendent

Names in the Report

J. A. AdamsGinn & CompanyA. J. PomeroyJ. R. Taber
BH. H. GrantRTaylor and Mitchell
F. A. Bartlett, SelectmanLAmander Rackliff, SelectmanThompson and Brown
Laura BlaisdellMrs. L. R. LaneT. C. ReynoldsMrs. Tuttle
A. L. BlanchardMScott ReynoldsMrs. Tuttle
Thompson and BrownW. J. MageeMrs. W. W. ReynoldsV
CD. R. McGray, SelectmanE. L. ReynoldsElmer C. Vining
Philip Childs and familyTaylor and MitchellT. C. ReynoldsE. C. Vining
Stephen ChildsThomas MortonW. L. ReynoldsW
Otis Cornforth, Schools SuperintendentL. H. MosherSGeorge L. Whitten
DWalter MurchWilliam ScribnerG. L. Whitton; George L. Whitten ?
Alwin Douglass, his burial expenses; provisions for his familyCharles MusseyG. A. StevensA. T. Woods
FA. R. MyrickG. A. Stevens
A. W. FletcherN
J. W. FrederickFred Nichols


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