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1899-1900 Annual Report of Unity, Maine

Annual report of the Selectmen and S. S. Committee of the Town of Unity, Maine, for the Year Ending March 1, 1900.  The report was printed by Louis O. Haskell of Pittsfield, Maine.

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Below each image of the pages is a list of the people mentioned; though listed only once, their names might appear multiple times.  At the end of the post is an alphabetical list of all of the names appearing in the report - be aware that some names appear multiple times.

Mrs. L. R. Lane

William DouglassMary PerryPerley RandallE. E. Truett
J. R. TaborEtta Willey of BentonW. W.ReynoldsAdams cemetery lot
M. D. Reynolds, BurnhamOscar Reynolds' boyD. P. ClarkMary S. Welch
Sewell HunterScott ReynoldsE. L. WoodE. L. Reynolds
Thomas Reynolds

Kate ReynoldsOlive ChildsScott Reynolds
D. D. Flye and familyM. T. DodgeW.S. Reynolds

Taylor and MitchellA. R. MyrickJ. A. Adams
L. H. MosherH. H. Grant and Son

Thomas ReynoldsW. W. ReynoldsMary S. Welch of Troy
W. S. ReynoldsOscar Reynolds' boyD. D. Flye of Freedom

Carrie ReynoldsScott ReynoldsW. J. Magee
Olive Childs, SkowheganG. A. Stevens

G. A. StevensEdith West's childCrosby BrothersW. H. Moulton, Selectman
W. J. MageeGeorge WestM. D. ReynoldsJ. L. Ames, Selectman
Eben HallIsaiah TuttleMary PerryJ. F. Stevens, Selectman

C. M. Whitney, Supt. of Schools

Alphabetical List of Names

Adams lot in cemeteryEben HallPerley RandallJ. R. Tabor
J. A. AdamsSewell HunterM. D. Reynolds, Burnham, MaineTaylor and Mitchell
J. L. Ames, SelectmanLThomas ReynoldsE. E. Truett
CMrs. L. R. LaneOscar Reynolds' boyIsaiah Tuttle
Olive Childs in SkowheganMScott ReynoldsW
D. P. ClarkW. J. MageeW. W. ReynoldsMary S. Welch in Troy, Maine
Crosby BrothersTaylor and MitchellE. L. ReynoldsEdith West's child
DL. H. MosherKate ReynoldsGeorge West
M. T. DodgeW. H. Moulton, SelectmanW. S. ReynoldsC. M. Whitney, Supt. of Schools
William DouglassA. R. MyrickCarrie ReynoldsEtta Willey, Benton, Maine
FPSE. L. Wood
D. D. Flye and family in Freedom, MaineMary PerryG. A. Stevens
GJ. F. Stevens, Selectman
H. H. Grant and Son

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