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c1838-1840 Autograph Album of Elmira; Possibly of Thompson, Connecticut, Area

Note of March 23, 2015: A reader (see comments section) has a theory that Elmira was Elmira Jacobs, who would marry Jeremiah Olney; they are buried at West Thompson Cemetery in Thompson, Connecticut.  Elmira died young, age 36, on March 31, 1857.  Her stone indicates that her infant son Charles E. Olney died March 3, 1844, so it would appear that Elmira married Jeremiah shortly after the era of her autograph album.  

Circa 1838-1840 autograph album that belonged to an Elmira.  The only clue in the album is that one of the 7 inscribers gave a residence of Thompson, but did not specify the state.  The surnames appear in the Thompson, Connecticut, area, but they're fairly common surnames that could appear anywhere.

The album, published by J. C. Riker of 15 Ann Street, New York, New York, measures approximately 7-3/4" 6-1/4" and contains 5 engravings, in addition to the title page, and the sentiments of 7 people.  An alphabetical list of the inscribers appears at the end of this post.

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Eugene, inscribed a three-page sentiment on June 30, 1838 and gave his address as Thompson.

R. W. Larned, or A. W. Larned, inscribed a two-page sentiment on March 29, 1840.

If you have a theory as to Elmira's identity, based on the list of inscribers, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

List of Inscribers

     Surname Unknown
  • Elmira, album owner
  • Eugene, who inscribed a 3-page sentiment on June 30, 1838
     Surnames in Alphabetical Order
  • J. F. Crosby; interestingly, there was a Jerome F. Crosby in Thompson, Connecticut, during this time frame.
  • Albert Fuller, inscribed in 1838
  • Jane M. Fuller
  • B. S. King; not sure of middle initial
  • R. W. Larned, who inscribed a 2-page sentiment on March 29, 1840; not sure of first initial - could be A.
  • Mary W. Stone

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  1. The album owner appears to be Elmira Jacobs Olney from Thompson Connecticut. A distant relative of mine, Rebekah Wilkinson Larned is also buried in Thompson CT but dates do not correspond. Will try to identify the Larned.

    1. Thank you so much for your information, Johney. I've amended the post with information on Elmira (Jacobs) Olney and directed readers to your comment.

  2. Good Afternoon, This woman was married to Jeremiah Olney of Thompson, CT. They are buried in the West Thompson CT cemetery. The residence they lived, I have purchased (Greek Revival 1814) and the restoration is underway.

    1. How wonderful! Perhaps you can share photos before, during and after. And thank you for verifying Elmira's husband.