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1897-1898 Annual Report & School Report of Unity, Maine

Annual Report of the Selectmen and S. S. Committee of the Town of Unity, Maine, for the Year Ending March 11, 1898.  Printed by the Pittsfield Printing Company of Pittsfield, Maine.

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Below each image of the pages is  a list of the people mentioned; though listed only once, their names might appear several times.  At the end of the post is an alphabetical list of all of the names appearing in the report - be aware that some names appear multiple times.

Mrs. Lane

Thomas ChaseOtis ReynoldsHilmer Forscythe; Forsythe?
L. M. DouglassMrs. MussyAlvin Douglass

Mrs. Jane WestL. J. WhittenEben Hall family
Mrs. Sarah LibbyEugene ReynoldsThomas Reynolds family [to bury 3 children]

Taylor and Mitchell           A. R. Myrick            J. R. Taber
L. H. Mosher           H. H. Grant

Eugene Reynolds family                         Sarah Libby

Thomas Reynolds family in TroyEugene Reynolds in Bradley             J. J. Varney
Otis Reynolds in BurnhamAlvin Douglass children in MonroeG. A. Stevens

W. J. MageeLenora ErskinA. J. PomeroyHilmer Forscythe
G. A. StevensGeorge WestLaura Blaisdell
Lenwood MurrayEben HallMrs. Isaiah Tuttle

F. A. Bartlett, Selectman                                      Amander Rackliff, Selectman
Charles E. Stevens, Selectman                              Fred Nichols

H. P. Parker, teacher                         Edgar Harding                      William Kelly                                     C. C. B. Hathaway                                 Richard Whitten

J. R. Taber, Superintendent

Alphabetical List of Names

F. A. Bartlett, SelectmanEben Hall familyFred NicholsJ. R. Taber, Superintendent
Laura BlaisdellEdgar HardingPTaylor and Mitchell
CC. B. HathawayH. P. Parker, teacherMrs. Isaiah Tuttle
Thomas ChaseKA. J. PomeroyV
DWilliam KellyRJ. J. Varney
Alvin DouglassLAmander Rackliff, SelectmanW
Alvin Douglass children, MonroeMrs. LaneEugene Reynolds familyGeorge West
L. M. DouglassMrs. L. R. LaneEugene Reynolds in BradleyMrs. Jane West
EMrs. Sarah LibbyOtis Reynolds in BurnhamL. J. Whitten
Lenora ErskinMThomas Reynolds family - to bury 3 children]Richard Whitten
FW. J. MageeS
Hilmer Forscythe; Hilmer Forsythe?Taylor and MitchellCharles E. Stevens, Selectman
GL. H. MosherG. A. Stevens
H. H. GrantLenwood Murray
Mrs. Mussy
A. R. Myrick

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