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Photograph of Elderly Couple George Albert Ryder & Hannah Susan (Higgins) Ryder of Milo, Maine

Photograph of a couple that I assume, judging from a clue on the reverse, is George Albert Ryder and wife Hannah Susan (Higgins) Ryder of Milo, Maine.  The photograph was taken by the Clement studio of Milo.

It's possible the photograph was taken after George's death in 1917 and before Hannah Ryder became Hannah Dean, after she married Adams Merrill Dean in 1928.  But I think the photograph dates to Hannah's marriage to George.

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections welcome!]

George Albert Ryder was born 14 June 1851 at Methuen, Massachusetts, the son of Jotham and Julia Ann (Baker) Ryder, who were born at Brownville, Maine, and Salem, New Hampshire, respectively.

On 23 February 1882 at Sebec, Maine, George Albert Ryder married Hannah Susan Higgins, daughter of John Henry Higgins and Susannah Smith (Cross) Higgins.  Hannah was born at Barnard, Maine, in August 1856.

The couple farmed at Milo and had at least two children, a son John Noel Ryder, and a daughter Linnie A. Ryder.  George died 17 February 1917 at Milo.  

On 28 March 1928, Hannah married Adams Merrill Dean, son of Valentine and Veltina M. (Green) Dean.  Adams was born 17 July 1856 at Williamsburg, Maine.

Another post from this blog features the autograph album of Pluma A. Dean of Barnard, Maine.  Pluma and Adams Merrill Dean shared paternal grandparents, Elias and Ruth (Head) Dean.

Hannah Susan (Higgins) Ryder Dean died on 31 May 1935.  Adams Merrill Dean died in 1949.

If you have corrections to the information above, or additions to it, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

Milo, Maine

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  1. Love these old photos, do you ever wonder what they are thinking at the time.

  2. They look to me as if they were taking the occasion very solemnly. Perhaps George was already unwell? He died nearly 20 years before Hannah.