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Handwritten Genealogy of Descendants of William Towne, b 1600 England, died 1672 Salem, Massachusetts

Handwritten genealogy of the Towne family purchased at an antique shop at Bangor, Maine.  

There's no provenance and no guarantee of the quality of the research, but I'm passing it along in the hope that it might be of use to someone who takes it with a grain of salt.  

Transcript [corrections in the transcription and in the research welcome!]

Towne Genealogy

1) William Towne, b. 1600 England. d. about 1672 Salem, Massachusetts. m. March 25, 1620 Joanna Blessing, Yarmouth, England.  

Of their eight children - Rebecca, the eldest, was born Feb. 21 1621 - m. Francis Nourse and was executed as a witch June 19, 1692 & Mary - the sixth child m. Isaac Estey & was executed as a witch Sept. 22, 1692.

2)  Edmund (the 4th child) b. June 28, 1628, Yarmouth, England; m. Mary, daughter of Thomas Browning, had 9 children; d. before May 3, 1678 at Salem, Massachusetts.

3) Samuel Towne, b. February 11, 1673

4) Samuel Towne

5) Samuel Towne

6X) - Richard Towne [This long entry was crossed out after the writer apparently learned that the line being described went through Richard's brother Enos, rather than Richard - refer to the image above for the crossed-out portion].

6) Enos Town (brother of Richard) b. 1760 d. 1813 m. Elizabeth (Mower), widow of Elezer Hubbard

7) Thomas Mower Towne [the final e was crossed out] - b. 1784  d. May 7, 1867  m. Jarusha Dix Apr. 7, 1811  b. Oct. 8, 1791 d. March 30, 1869
Enos Town, b. Feb. 5, 1816, d. May 1874  m. Martha Holden March 18, 1840, who d. Feb. 1872
Luantha Town, b. Nov. 8, 1817  d. March 23, 1903.  m. William Bancroft Sept. 10, 1844.  d. 1906

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Osmon Town, b. Sept. 28, 1820 d. Dec. 6, 1891  m. Mary Smith May 1848  d. May 1866 m. Mrs. Silvia Elms Wardwell, d. 1910 or 11

Ednah Town - b. July 28, 1823  d. Dec. 23, 1891  m. Luther P. Wood Jan. 3, 1848  d. March 1911

Jude Town b. Apr. 9, 1826  d. Oct. 2, 1901 m. Clarissa Gale Jan. 1, 1852, who d. Sept. 2, 1872.  m. Mrs. Lottie Walter Mar. 18, 1879. d. Apr. 6, 1893

8)  Calista A. Town - b. Oct. 23, 1828.  d. Nov. 29, 1905  m. John Colby Nov. 19, 1855.  d. Nov. 22 or 28, 1882.

Hosea B. Town  b. Apr. 6, 1831 d. Sept. 30, 1915  m. Ann R. Newell Nov. 29, 1855  d.   m. Eliza Colby

 Dan Town - b. Nov. 3, 1832  d. Jan [or June] 20, 1851

Jarusha married Thomas Mower Towne

Leonard married Betsey Sanborn
   child Gilbert had four children - John who m. Clara Towne (dau. of Jude Towne), had a dau. Lucy
Addie m. George Dix (son of Ozias) - three children, Thurman, Laura (wife of Elwin Slayton Hardwick) & Rachel

Clara m.

Relief m. Stephen Sanborn, no children

Ozias m. Grace Holmes, had son George m. Addie Dix
    Grace Holmes sister of Ed Glidden's mother

William Towne & Joanna Blessing were married and their first six children were baptized in St. Nicholas church in Yarmouth, England.  They afterwards lived in Salem, Mass.

Their daughters Rebecca and Mary were estimable women & were executed as witches.  A granite monument now stands near the old homestead in their memory.

The church, after the witch craze subsided, again placed their names on the records and publicly stated that an injustice had been done them.

(Notice that the name "Towne" was originally spelled with a final "e", which was dropped for a time and later used again.)

Yarmouth, England, to Salem, Massachusetts [zoom out two clicks to see both locations.]

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