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1905 Graduation Photograph of Mancel Talcott: Technical High School at Providence, Rhode Island

1905 graduation photograph of Mancel Talcott, a student at Technical High School at Providence, Rhode Island.

The photograph itself is 4" x 3"; the piece mounted is 10" x 7".  It was found with 15 similar photographs of 6 other young men and 9 young women.   Most of the photographs, if not all, were taken at the studio of Edgar K. Horton of Providence.

A list of the people in the photographs appears at the end of this post.

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections welcome!]

Mancel Walter Talcott was born 10 March 1885 at Cranston, Rhode Island, the son of Walter O. and Harriet F. (Eastwood) Talcott, who were born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Rhode Island, respectively.

Mancel's paternal grandparents were Orlando and Mary A. (Newton) Talcott.  His maternal grandparents were Emanuel and Hannah Eastwood.

After graduating from Technical High School, Mancel attended Philadelphia Dental College, from which he graduated in 1908.  He then set up a dental practice at Providence, Rhode Island.  Eventually, however, he gave up his practice to join the business his father started as W. O. Talcott Belt Hooks

On 30 March 1909 at Providence, Rhode Island, Mancel married Viola Mabel James, daughter of Edwin C. James and Sarah E. (James) James.

The couple had at least two children, both daughters.  Mancel Walter Talcott and wife Viola Mabel (James) Talcott both died in 1956.  

A listing on Find-a-Grave has an extensive biography of Mancel Walter Talcott.

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A list of the people in the 16 photographs:

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