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Class of 1927 Autograph Register of Milton LaForest Williams High School at Oakland, Maine

Autograph Register of the Class of 1927 at Milton LaForest Williams High School at Oakland, Maine.

The booklet is nearly 8-1/2" x 5-1/4" and contains several pages for graduating seniors and faculty to sign their autographs, plus a few other pages to record special activities that are blank.

Two pages of graduates' autographs [If you notice a name misspelled or missing, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

  • Lillian M. E. Baker, "Lil"
  • Ruth Savage, "Rufus" "Tillie"
  • Clifford Gilbert
  • Audrey Spaulding, "Sarah"
  • Laurence Reed, "Rudolph"
  • Myles Jackson, "Jack"
  • Dorothy Kennedy, "Dot"
  • Loretta Luther, "Rett"
  • Florence Braun, "Flo" [not sure of surname]
  • Marcella Roberts
  • Bertie ?, "Berty"

  • Gladys Principato, "Glad"
  • Charles Stanley Cummings [Click his name to see a post with his photograph and family history.]
  • William Lindvall, "Swede"
  • Harold W. Hallett, "Harry"
  • Clarence Reed, "Spike"
  • Katherine Calder, "K"

One page of faculty autographs - the last page in the Autograph Register

John S. Tapley, Supintendent
Norman D. Lothrop, Principal
Leroy N. McKenney
Myrtle A. Trites
Cecilia Simpson
Verne Reynolds

Copyright 1927
By the Kraft Engraving Company
1221 California Street, Denver

The blank pages:

The booklet was presented by the Oakland Branch of Augusta Trust Company, Augusta, Maine.

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  1. I have the graduation program for this class. They were Lillian M. E. Baker, Florence C. Brawn, Katherine S. Calder, C. Stanley Cummings, Mary E. Freeman, Clifford S. Gilbert, Harold W. Hallett, Alice L. Hammond, Myles F. Jackson, Dorothy M. Kennedy, A. William Lindvall, Loretta A. Luther, Bertie L. Merrow, Gladys J. Principato, Clarence O. Reed, Laurence P. Reed, Marcella B. Roberts, Ruth L. Savage, Audrey Spaulding & Philip Williams.