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1901 Graduation Program of Belfast High School at Belfast, Maine

1901 Graduation Program of Belfast High School at Belfast, Maine.

Graduating Exercises of the
Belfast High School, Class of 1901
at Belfast Opera House,
Friday Evening, June 14, 1901.
Motto: Nul bien sans peine
Class Colors: Green and Gold
Class Flower: Fleur-de-Lis
W. R. Howard
Caroline W. Field
Ellen D. Townsend
Music by The Belfast Band

  • Programme
  • Music, Overture, "Fest," Leutner
  • Prayer, Rev. George S. Mills
  • Music, "Traumerei," Schuman
  • Salutatory, Florence Elizabeth Dunton
  • Clarinet Duet, - Op. 18. No. 7, E. Brepsant, Charles Arthur Harmon; James Almon McMahan
  • Class History, Amy Ellura Stoddard
  • Essay, "Amateur Athletics,", Karl McDonald
  • Class Poem, Percival Willard Keene
  • Debate, "Resolved: That Co-education in Colleges is Desirable."  Affirmative: Frederica May Cook    Negative: Alice Perry Poor; Harry Leroy French.  Affirmative: Ralph Wadlin Gould

  • Piano Solo - Reve d'Arlequin, Aubry; Edith May Davidson
  • Essay, "Our Class Flower,", Rena Isobel Black
  • Violin Duet, - Air Melodieux. Ethel Mae Strout; Inez Carter
  • Essay, "The Future of the English Language," *Ross Harold Pattershall
  • Class Prophecy, Clara May Hamilton
  • Class Prophecy, Alice May Heal
  • Music, "Sextett," from Lucia - Donizetti 
  • Valedictory, Abbie Otis Stoddard
  • Awarding Diplomas, Charles S. Bickford, Chairman of the School Committee
  • Class Ode - Music composed by Edith May Davidson
  • Benediction, Rev. George S. Mills
  • Music, "Mosquito's Parade," Whitney


Class Ode, Percival Willard Keene


  1. That is my grandfather (who I never met and died far before my time) playing the clarinet duet.

  2. That's wonderful! I wish you'd had a chance to know him personally, but at least this gives you a mental image of him on a very happy day in his life. Thanks for commenting.