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c1892 Cabinet Photograph of Addie Mahoney; by an Orono, Maine studio

Photograph of a young woman identified on the bottom edge of the reverse as Addie Mahoney.  The photograph was taken by the Heath studio of Bangor, Maine, and Orono, Maine.  The identification information was added at a later date, judging from the ink used.

From online research, hopefully correct, and with some reservation as the subject of the photograph appears older than 12 years, assuming the date of 1892 is correct, which it may not be:

[corrections welcome!]

Addie Myrtle Mahoney was born 13 October 1880 at Orono, Maine, the daughter of Michael and Jane (Inman) Mahoney, who were born in Cork, Ireland, and at Orono, Maine, respectively. 

From a death date found in online trees, if true, though always to be taken with a grain of salt, it appears that Jane may have died as a result of Addie's birth.

I found a lot of conflicting information on Michael Mahoney online, where it appears people have merged information about two or more different men.  Consequently, I'll leave it up to a reader with personal information to leave a comment or contact me directly.

Jane Inman's parents were Stuart M. and Martha J. (Page) Inman, both Orono, Maine, natives.

On 3 September 1902 at Orono, Maine, Addie married Vernon Tracy Littlefield, son of Harrison D. and Laurinda (Smith) Littlefield, who were born at Frankfort, Maine, and Monroe, Maine, respectively.  Vernon was born at Lincoln, Maine, on 5 February 1874.  

Vernon and Addie lived at Bangor, Maine, though they were living at Farview Beach, Connecticut at the time that Vernon filled out his World War I draft enlistment card, where Vernon gave his occupation as a salesman for the Todd Protectograph Company of Rochester, New York.  

On the successive Censuses of Bangor, Maine, Vernon gave his occupation as a salesman of business machines.  The couple had at least four children.  

I believe Vernon died in 1948; Addie Myrtle died in 1961.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, or if you feel that the Addie Mahoney in the photograph is another person, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

Orono, Maine [Zoom out one click to see Bangor, Maine, downstream from Orono on the Penobscot River, and three clicks to see Lincoln, Maine, upstream from Orono on the Penobscot.]

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  1. Do the dress and aspect look like that of a 12 year old to you? She seems older to me, but the person who wrote c1892 may have been off - or I'm hopelessly old fashioned, even for 1892 standards of young teenage attire and demeanor...