Thursday, April 1, 2010

1898 Olamon School Souvenir, Olamon, Maine

Here's an interesting souvenir from 1898/99. It lists the names of the teacher, Budd W. Tuck, the superintendent Dora B. Folsom, and the students of the Olamon School, located in Penobscot County, Maine (not far from Old Town and Bangor). Pupils:

Beckwith, Beryl G.
Burr, Maude M.
Burr, Margie R.
Burr, Jesse E.
Burr, Warren T.
Bailey, Joseph D.
Bailey, Herbert B.
Clark, Mertie E.
Dennis, Walter C.
Harriman, Annie E.
Harriman, Sadie M.
Harriman, Florence E.
Harriman, Lewis W.
Harriman, Arthur B.
Littlefield, Henry A.
Loring, Mary E.
Loring, Phoebe F.
Loring, George M.
Mahawk, Gertrude L.
Nickerson, Walter R.
Ogden, Phoebe G.
Ogden, Adelia M.
Ogden, Bennie F.
Peavey, Bertha E.
Polk, Estella M.
Sanborn, Marcia E.
Sanborn, Earl F.
Wentworth, Earl K.

Quick search online shows that the Burr children were the offspring of Adoniram and Susan (Kennedy) Burr. There was another child, Lloyd Adoniram Burr, but he was too young to be in school at the time of this souvenir.

The Harriman children were the offspring of Albion and Lillian E. (Kennedy) Harriman. Interestingly, Susan and Lillian Kennedy were sisters.

The Loring children were the offspring of Joseph Mitchell and Phoebe (Manchester) Loring of Hancock and Penobscot counties. Their grandfather was the noted Frank "Big Thunder" Loring.

The other family with 3 or more children at the school was the Ogden family, and I can't seem to find anything on them.

As always, your comments, additions and corrections would be greatly appreciated!

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