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Small Archive Pertaining to John Franklin Sload & Ella Gertrude (Hoffer) Sload of Columbia, Pennsylvania

Small archive of items pertaining to John Franklin Sload and his wife Ella Gertrude (Hoffer) Sload of Columbia, Pennsylvania and, later, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Above, photograph of John as a boy; below, reverse of the photograph.

Photograph of Ella Gertrude (Hoffer) Sload as a girl.

Their marriage on a page that may have been removed from a Family Bible.

The reverse of the page above, showing birth dates for John and Ella, as well as two of their children, all born at Columbia, Pennsylvania.

Baptism Certificate for their son Paul Hoffer Sload, born September 15, 1902 and baptized at Columbia, Pennsylvania, by Pastor S. G. Grove, on January 4, 1903.

1933 postcard from Katherine to Ella requesting family information and noting that she had just come across her great grandmother's sampler, which confirmed that woman's mother was named Rosanna and was the second wife of Jacob [Jacob Shaffer, if my limited research is correct.]

The final item is John Franklin Sload's obituary from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where he died in 1952, after residing there for the last ten years of his life.

From online research, hopefully correct:   [corrections and additions welcome!]

John Franklin Sload was born August 14, 1877 at Columbia, Pennsylvania, the son of John and Anna Mary (Miller) Sload.  Ella Gertrude (Hoffer) Sload was born June 7, 1879 at Columbia, Pennsylvania, the daughter of Jacob Zollinger Hoffer and Sarah Jane (Grove) Hoffer.  I wonder if the pastor who baptized Ella's son, S. G. Grove, was a relative on Ella's mother's side.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Columbia, Pennsylvania, and Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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