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1891-1892 Autograph Album of Signers from Sherwood, Maryland Area

1891-1892 autograph album of an owner from the Sherwood, Maryland, area, including some who were students at the Sherwood School and Sherwood Academy.  According to the person from whom I bought the album, Sherwood Academy was located on what was the Sherwood Farm at Montgomery County, Maryland; the school is now known as Sherwood High School.

The album measures approximately 6-3/4" x 4-1/4" and contains the sentiments of 16 people.  An alphabetical surname list and an alphabetical list of the signers appear at the end of this post.

There are three clues to the identity of the owner, which may resonate with a reader.  If so, hopefully the reader will leave a comment to clear up the mystery.

One relative was cousin Janie P. Brooke of Sherwood, Maryland.

Another cousin was Faith Farquhar of Sherwood, Maryland.  Other people with the surname Farquhar signed pages in the album; refer to the list of signers below.

And a third cousin was Augusta N. Thomas, a student at Sherwood Academy, who dated her page October 23, 1891.

If the clues are enough to lead you to the identify of the album owner, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Likewise, please leave a comment if you have information on any of the signers listed below.

Surnames in the album

Brooke  [3]
Colt  [2]
Elbrey  [2]
Farquhar  [2]
Thomas  [2]

Signers in the album       [Note: Given names within a specific surname may not be in alphabetical order.]

  • Constance Abert of Sherwood, Maryland, signed on October 23, 1891
  • Mamie R. Bradley of Colesville Post Office, Maryland, signed on October 23, 1891
  • Ellen Brewer, signed at Sherwood School in Maryland
  • Janie P. Brooke of Sherwood, Maryland; "Cousin"
  • Sallie P. Brooke of Sherwood, Maryland, signed on October 23, 1891
  • Sarah Brooke Farquhar of Sherwood, Maryland, signed on February 19, 1892
  • Eleanor Colt
  • Julia Colt
  • Edith C. Elbrey of Sherwood, Maryland, signed on October 23, 1891
  • Elsie C. Elbrey, signed at Sherwood, Maryland, on October 23, 1891
  • Alice V. Farquhar, signed at Sherwood, Maryland
  • Faith Farquhar of Sherwood, Maryland; "Cousin"
  • Bessie Robison of Sherwood, Maryland
  • Nora L. Stabler of Sherwood, Maryland, signed on October 23, 1891
  • Augusta N. Thomas, signed at Sherwood Academy in Maryland, on October 23, 1891; "Thy loving cousin"
  • Catharine D. Thomas, "aged 9 years"
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