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1878-1882 Autograph Album of Carrie D. Mulligan, or Milligan, of Winona County, Minnesota; married James Granger

Note: Be sure to scroll down to the comments section where a reader has provided information on Carrie's parents, who appear to have been William and Emily (Merrill) Mulligan.  Many thanks!

1878-1882 autograph album of Caroline D. Mulligan or Milligan, "Carrie", of Winona County, Minnesota, from before and after her marriage to James Granger.  Most records show her maiden name as Mulligan, but I found at least one instance of Milligan.

I was able to tease out Carrie's identity from signer Ella Nora Granger, who called Carrie her sister.  Ella was the sister of Carrie's husband James Granger, whom Carrie married on November 21, 1880.

The album measures approximately 5-1/4" x 3" and contains the sentiments of 51 of Carrie's relatives and friends.  An alphabetical surname list and an alphabetical list of the signers, together with any personal information they offered, appear at the end of this post.

From online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions welcome!]

Caroline D. Mulligan/Milligan was born about 1862 in New Hampshire.  Probably owing to the fact that I'm not positive of the spelling of Carrie's maiden name - perhaps it was even Milliken - I haven't found information on her father.  Carrie's mother Emily, whose maiden name, I think, was Merrill, married Almon Sartwell, another New Hampshire native, on December 26, 1865, so apparently Carrie's father died when she was very young.  Emily inscribed a page in her daughter's album.

Carrie's younger half-sister Addie L. Sartwell, born September 25, 1868, signed the first page in the album, on January 30, 1878.  She would marry Bert Thompson.

Carrie's younger half-brother Edgar M. Sartwell, "Eddie", inscribed the last page in the album, on April 17, 1881.  He would marry May Gage.

Before Almon Sartwell married Carrie's mother Emily, he had been married to Susannah (Beall) Sartwell, with whom he had several children, three of whom died young.  Susannah died herself died only a month after the birth of daughter Susan Belle Sartwell, "Susie".  Susie, born October 25, 1863, inscribed a page in her stepsister Carrie's album, on January 30, 1878.  Susie would marry Archie G. Southworth.

On November 21, 1880 at Warren, Minnesota, Carrie married James Granger, son of William and Rebecca (Wood) Granger.  James was born about 1856 in Wisconsin.  James inscribed a page in Carrie's album in April 1881.   As noted at the beginning of this post, his sister Ella Nora also inscribed a page in April 1881.

James and Carrie had a son Robert W. Granger, born about December 1882, and a daughter Gertrude E. Granger, born about September 1885.  James Granger died September 27, 1888 at Winona, Minnesota.  In the 1920 Census, Carrie, who had apparently not remarried after James' death, was living with her daughter Gertrude and husband Arthur Larson at St. Charles, Minnesota.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, or information on any of the signers listed below, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Surnames in the album

? FlanaghanNettletonTart/Tartt [3]
Ashcraft [3]GRafuthWeed
BlairGibbs [3]RigdonWilliams [3]
CGranger [2]RollingsWood
ClausinsHSWright [2]
DHill [4]Sanders
DerousseLSartwell [4]
DuncansonLintonSelden [2]
EllisMcConnon [2]Stevens

Signers in the album   [Note: Given names within a specific surname may not be in alphabetical order.]

  • Kit ?, signed on March 29, 1879
  • Maudie Ashcraft, signed at Beaver, Minnesota
  • Samuel Ashcraft, signed at Beaver, Minnesota
  • Maggie B. Ashcraft, signed at Beaver, Minnesota, on June 30, 1879
  • Sarah Blair, signed on July 18, 1878
  • Perena K. Clausins, not sure of given name or surname
  • Thomas Derousse, signed on February 16, 1878
  • Miss Julia Duncanson, signed on March 29, 1879
  • Adelia Ellis, signed on June 29, 1879
  • Adaline Flanaghan
  • May Floon, signed on July 1, 1879; not sure of surname
  • Emma Gage
  • Etta Gibbs, signed on March 30, 1879
  • Florence A. Gibbs, signed on March 30, 1879
  • C. Gibbs, signed on March 24, 1880
  • James E. Granger, signed at Stockton, Minnesota, on April 4, 1881. Carrie's husband, whom she married on November 21, 1880
  • Ella N. Granger, signed at Stockton, Minnesota, on April 6, 1881
  • Charles A. Hill, signed on March 30, 1878
  • F. R. Hill, signed on April 28, 1880
  • Della Hill
  • Elmer F. Hill, signed on April 28, 1880
  • Sara J. Linton
  • Maggie A. McConnon of Whitewater Falls, Minnesota
  • Nora McConnon
  • Laura Merriman of Enterprise, Minnesota
  • Caroline D. (Mulligan/Milligan) Granger, "Carrie", of Winona County, Minnesota; album owner
  • Samuel Nettleton, signed on February 10, 1878
  • Anna Rafuth, signed on April 5, 1881
  • Scrap of paper with sentiment of Henry T. Reed, signed at Dorchester, New Hampshire, signed on June 19, 1881
  • Rufus Rigdon, signed on January 7, 1880
  • Josie Rollings
  • Clara Sanders of Pilot Mound, Minnesota, signed on June 20, 1879
  • Carrie's Mother, signed on April 17, 1881.  She was Emily (Merrill) Mulligan Sartwell
  • Addie L. Sartwell, signed on January 30, 1878
  • Susie Sartwell, signed on January 30, 1878
  • Eddie M. Sartwell, signed on April 17, 1881
  • W. B. Selden, M. D., signed on July 3, 1879
  • Eva Selden, signed on June 25, 1879 at Whitewater Falls, Minnesota
  • Mary Selden
  • Esther Skidmore, signed on June 29, 187?
  • Emma S. Stevens of Warren, Minnesota
  • Ida Tart of Warren, Minnesota, signed on April 28, 1878; Ida M. Tart
  • C. Tart, signed in 1880; possibly a sibling of signer Ida M. Tart of Winona County, Minnesota: Cromwell, Clara or Corinna
  • Nellie Tartt, signed on February 22, 1880
  • Hattie L. Weed of Rockford, Minnesota, signed on October 16, 1879
  • H. Weimer, signed on March 28, 1880; intricate sketch of bird
  • Mary Williams, signed on July 18, 1878
  • Mary Williams of Whitewater Falls, Minnesota
  • Miss Abbie Williams, signed on June 30, 1879
  • O. M. Wood of Custer, Minnesota, signed on April 29, 1880
  • Mr. George S. Wright of Whitewater Falls, Minnesota, signed on June 25, 1879
  • Mrs. O. E Wright, signed at Whitewater Falls, Minnesota, on July 1 [no year written]

Winona County, Minnesota

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