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May, 1917, Issue of The Breeze of Brooksville High School, Brooksville, Maine

The Breeze, Published by the Students of Brooksville High School, Vol. 3, No. 1, May 1917.  40 pages, of which some at the front and back are dedicated to advertising.  Has the name Luetta Bridges written on front cover.

Luetta K. Bridges was born about 1894 in Maine, the daughter of Edward and Caroline H. (Jamieson) Bridges.  She  was working as a teacher when she became the second wife of Earl R. Hanscom of Sedgwick, Maine, on October 9, 1920, at Ellsworth, Maine.

See all the pages at the end of this post.

Vol. 3   South Brooksville, Maine   May, 1917    No. 1


Editor-in-Chief, Percy Bates
Assistant Editor, Richard Howard
Class Editor, Eleanor Clifford, '17
Class Editor, Elizabeth Condon, '18
Class Editor, Morris Gray, '19
Class Editor, Bertha Smith, ’20
Personal Editor, Philip Gray
Athletic Editor, Henry Condor
Exchange Editor, Frieda Harvey
Business Manager, Guy Stover
Assistant Business Manager, Chester Black
Local Editor, Emily Young

Names in the text:
Mr. Ray Huntington, Principal
Miss Lottie M. Baker, Assistant
Literary, Essays and Poem
  • Philip Gray, '19 - "Brother Officers"
  • Eva Smith, '17 - "How to Become Popular"
  • Richard Howard, '18  - "Reforming a Tramp"
  • Frieda Harvey, '18 - "The Story The Old House Told"
  • R. A. Nichols, '20 - "An Incident of the Old French War"
  • Ruth Condon, '19 - History of Brooksville
  • Mason, '17 - poem, "Brooksville"
Actors in the play "Back to the Country Store"
  • Chester Black
  • Elizabeth Condon
  • Philip Gray
  • Myles Lymburner [spelled Limeburner elsewhere]
  • Ruth Babson
  • Kathleen Condon
  • Norris Gray
  • Ethel Gray
  • Ruth Condon
Senior Characteristics, see pages 18-19 below
  • Percy Bates
  • Russell Condon
  • Ward Grindle
  • Guy Stover
  • Ruth Manson
  • Emily Young
  • Eva J. Smith
  • Grace Mason
  • The author, who didn't give a name but is presumably a member of the Senior Class

Junior Characteristics, see pages 19 and 20 above
  • Ethel Gray
  • Ruth Babson
  • Frieda Harvey
  • Kathleen Condon
  • Elizabeth Condon
  • Richard Howard
  • Myles Limeburner
  • Leigh Limeburner
  • Chester Black
  • Nelson Perkins

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